Sooner or Later


There was something so innocent about spring. Something I loved. That something was much more than shopping in Paris that my mother always loved taking me to. Don't get me wrong, I love going to Paris, but I'm not as materialistic as you might think I am. What I love about spring is that winter is over and the promise of summer entices everyone's thoughts.

Spring always put me in a good mood.

It also helped that my life was practically perfect! Perfect boyfriend, I had a great relationship with my parents, achieved those straight B's I was aiming for and –

"Andy!"- My best friend.

Andrew Rawlings turned and grinned as I greeted him with a quick hug and continued on to our final class of the day. He chuckled and gave me a skeptical look, "Autumn, you are in too good of a mood."

I grinned Cheshire-like and sat happily in my assigned seat, "Well, it's Friday and Alana's party is tonight, which brings me to my next question: Are you and Steph going with Max and I to the party tonight?"

If you haven't guessed, Andrew is not my boyfriend, but in fact the only friend I have maintained a constant friendship with since grade school. He is about six foot tall with brown hair and eyes and is a meaty guy, due to his football playing days that were past.

Max on the hand was the classic heartbreaker: blonde hair, blue eyes, tan, muscular body, maybe a little cocky, but hey we all were. Needless to say, I was in lust with the boy.

"I think Steph wanted to go out to eat first, but I'm sure I could think of some way to persuade her," said Andrew, throwing a knowing wink my way.

Well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know where that innuendo was going.

I rolled my eyes good-naturedly, "Andrew, please don't go into details." He laughed at my response. Eventually class started, and I waited impatiently as the minutes ticked slowly by.


"Autumn, your father and I will be heading to the airport after your Aunt Caroline's party. If you need us, call the resort, love you darling," stated my mother breathlessly as she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before grabbing the Louis Vuitton purse that I had bought her for Christmas and waved to the driver to grab their luggage.

My father smiled and gathered me in his arms, whispering good bye in my ear.

The staff had been given the week off, by me personally, though my parents didn't know that. I liked having my privacy without being babied by Miriam, our maid.

About ten minutes after their departure, Max arrived and we settled in to watch a movie before heading over to Alana's.

"Where are your parents? Aren't they usually milling around?" asked Max, eyes trained on the television.

I inclined my head slightly and grinned, "Not tonight, they left for China."

Max's head snapped downwards, "So they aren't going to be back for a while?"

"Oh no they'll be back in about an hour," I stated sarcastically. Okay, so Max wasn't quite the scholar I wanted him to be, but he was cute, and that counted for something right?

Oh, just leave me alone.

Max rolled his eyes in response and rolled me onto my back, catching me totally off guard, "That mouth of yours will get you in trouble someday."

"However will I learn?" I asked coyly. Max merely grinned before bringing his mouth over mine.

Accepting the kiss eagerly, I brought my arms around his neck and ran my fingers lazily through his blonde locks. He prodded my mouth open greedily and I didn't stop him. Max ran his hands along the length of my body and my mind clouded over. His thumb made circles on my stomach, while his other hand began to mess with the button on my jeans, sending warning sirens off in my head.

Slightly pulling away I muttered, "Max stop." All I received in response was Max shoving his tongue back down my throat and him succeeding in unbuttoning my jeans.

"Max stop it!" I said forcefully, pushing a startled Max off of me, and springing up, re-buttoning my jeans. I turned to find him scowling at me and I combed my hair with my fingers.

I'm not a prude okay? I just don't want to be rushed into something that I don't want to do yet. Max and I have only been dating for about a month and a half. We didn't even know each other!

Max stood up abruptly and headed for the door, and spoke angrily, "We're going." Not knowing what else to do, I shut off the TV and locked the door behind me and ran out to Max's SUV.

Silence was the only form of communication between us when we picked up Andrew and Steph, not like they noticed any how. They were all over each other in the backseat, which made Max's face angrier every time Steph let out a giggle. After what seemed like hours, we finally pulled into the crowded street and found a place to park.

Getting out of the car, Andrew gave me a comforting smile before helping a flushed Stephanie out of the backseat and held her hand during the walk to Alana's. Now why couldn't Max be sweet like that? He never showed any type of affection except for when we were alone. Of course there was the occasional peck in front of his friends, like I was some sort of conquest. The though left me utterly disgusted.

I began walking the stretch to Alana's with Max walking moodily beside me. He attempted to take a hold of my hand, but I snatched my hand out of his grip. That seemed to set him off.

"What is your fucking problem Autumn?" demanded Max, grabbing my arm as I tried to walk away. I saw Andrew and Steph stop in my peripheral vision and look back curiously.

"Max, I'm not a trophy to show off in front of your friends!" I bit back angrily, wrapping my arms around myself.

Max's eyes narrowed and he said with anger, "You sure as hell got that right!"

Ouch. That stung just a wee bit.

"What?" I hissed, taking a step towards him. I didn't know what I was trying to achieve, but I believe I was trying to look intimidating.

"You're nothing to show off, because you don't show anything off! You're such a bitchy prude and a fucking tease! No wonder I didn't have to wait in line to date you," shot Max, piercing my heart with his words, and bringing the promise of moisture to my eyes.

At a last attempt to save my dignity, I came back with more bark than bite, "Maybe I care about my integrity. All you care about his getting your nightly fuck and I wouldn't be surprised if you've been screwing someone else behind my back." The accusation was a little out there, but I didn't see him denying it, which made the hurt ten times harder.

Andrew was advancing in our direction, but I put up a hand that meant to stop. He was a great brother figure, but I had to fight my own battles, "We're done Max."

With my last shred of dignity, I silently thanked God that I didn't cry in front of the bastard, and walked in the general direction of my house. Max didn't come after me, and I really didn't want him to; all I wanted was to sort my thoughts out and cry.


Ooh, see that? That idea flew right out the window.

Hope you caught the sarcasm.

Ignoring the voice I continued at a faster pace towards my house, which was about five blocks away, but that persistent 'Autumn!' grew louder.

Then came the tugging of my arm and I was facing Andrew's chest, allowing him to hug me, the dam breaking and the sobs overtaking my body.

"Sh, Autumn, come on calm down, let's get to your house," said Andrew's soothing voice, leading me on our projected path.

Lord, I felt so horrible. Was I really that much of a prude? Why would I let someone degrade me so much? Was it because I knew that there was truth in his words?

We reached my house and I groaned in frustration.

"I forgot to grab my key."

Andrew chuckled and produced a key that my parents had given a long time ago so he could come and go as he please, "Hope your parents haven't changed the locks."

I let out a watery laugh and shook my head as he opened the door to the house and helped me up the stairs to my room. Once inside my room, he found my favorite pair of pajamas, plaid flannel pants and an old Led Zepplin t-shirt, and instructed me to change in the bathroom. My movements were like a robot as I went on auto-pilot to my bathroom and flipped on the harsh vanity lights.

After changing, I washed my face and looked at myself in the mirror. Aside from my puffy eyes, I thought I looked fairly decent. Granted, I had inherited my dad's dark brown hair, which wasn't extraordinary or anything. I had green eyes. Not green eyes with golden flecks or violet eyes (though that would be cool) or anything creative. I just had green eyes. My skin was pale, which was annoying to not be able to tan, but turn pink in the summer. I would be proud to have me as girlfriend, but maybe that's just my biased opinion.

"You look fine Ace," said Andrew, opening the door and catching my eye in the mirror. I gave him a small smile and he returned the favor. Ace had been a nickname nearly everyone had used for me since I was a little girl, no one really knew where it came from, but it stuck.

I sighed and turned out the lights to the bathroom and re-entered my bedroom, getting under the covers of my bed. Andrew kicked off his shoes and lay on my bed next to me, closing his eyes, causing my brow to furrow.

"Where's Stephanie?" Yeah I know, I'm incredibly observant aren't I?

Andrew sighed contently, obviously thinking about her, "She told me to take care of you and she'd find a ride home." Stephanie was really a nice girl. Even though she was about a year younger than Andrew and I, she was a joy to be around. Andrew liked her a lot, and I could even see them getting married someday.

Giggling, I closed my eyes, "She's a good kid."

"I know."

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

"Andrew, your feet stink."

Andrew cracked an eye open and smiled, "Yeah, well you don't smell so great either Ace. Heard of a shower?" A loud 'thwack' resounded through my bedroom, followed by a shout of protest. I laughed, thoughts of Max completely gone, as I looked at the bewildered face of Andy.

"Oh, you will so regret that," threatened Andy as he jumped up and grabbed another feather pillow and smacked me, causing a burst of feathers to erupt from the pillow.

He ended up sending me sprawling on my carpeted floor and laughing at my disposition. Of course, being the feisty person I am, I got right back up onto the bed and a full-on pillow fight soon followed.

With feathers flying all across my room, Andrew and I collapsed on the bed from laughter and only laughed harder when we looked at one another. I propped myself up with one arm and looked at him, swallowing some air, "We haven't done that for years. You ruined my pillows!"

Andy threw his hands up in innocence, "Who smacked who first?"

"You," I stated simply, smiling devilishly and yelping when he started a tickling fight. If you think about it really, it was unfair, because I am extremely ticklish and he is not.

Squirming helplessly, I screamed out, "Stop it Andy! Stop, stop, it hurts!"

"What's the magic word," he taunted, not relenting at all.


Andy made a buzzing sound in his throat, "Wrong." He continued the tickling.

"Okay, okay! Please!"

The tickling ceased and I drew a breath and opened my eyes to find Andrew hovering over me grinning, mocking me.

I don't know what made me do it, but I wound my hand to the back of his hand and pulled his lips to mine. He stiffened immediately, and I brought my other hand to his shoulder. Breaking apart, we looked at one another. Andrew's eyes were a mix of confusion and lust and I had no idea what I was feeling. That feeling quickly evaporated as our lips were reconnected, and the shyness of earlier was gone.

The only thing I could think of at that moment was not the fact that I was kissing my best friend, who had a girlfriend, but that I felt completely safe with him. Daring to be promiscuous, I ran my tongue along his lip allowing myself access into his mouth, massaging his tongue with my own.

We both knew what we wanted.

I knew what I wanted. I was ready for it.

My hands slid under Andrew's shirt, raising it above his head, breaking only for a second as he lifted mine as well. I shuddered a bit at the cold air.

Oh shit.

"Andrew wait," I said, sitting up, and turning to look at him. He was slightly out of breath, like I was, "We shouldn't do this; you have a girlfriend."

Reaching out for my discarded shirt, my hand was stopped and I looked back at Andrew who was shaking his head, "You don't know how much I want this." He was weak with lust, but I suppose he took my silence as acceptance. I was pulled back down and completely under his control.

This was wrong.

Very wrong.

But I didn't stop it.

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