The television, that is living in my family room, is obnoxious. It belts out loud noises, and refuses to show anything worth watching. But we still watch it. It rests comfortably on it's throne; the wall above the fireplace. This is exactly what I'm doing now. No, I'm not resting comfortably above the fireplace, I am watching the smug device belt out noises, and moving pictures. I believe that the TV is not a television at all, but a fireplace imitating a television. That would explain why our television is so bad. We don't need a fireplace, we live in fucking South Africa. Maybe the fireplace is the real television.

I am amazed at the stupidity of commercials. I've just seen one, about low prices on furniture. A man was talking to a couch, about how low it's price was, and the couch begged for a higher price. The man kept on saying no, and finally in an act of desperation the couch said "$999" in a seductive voice. This is where I find flaws. First of all, sofas do not talk, and if they did, I would be carrying a conversation with my sofa right now. And second of all, sofas do not talk, and therefore they can't seduce a grown man. I don't know any man who would get aroused by a talking couch.

"Molly! Come on!! Your going to be late for your therapist appointment," Kaisa Rawlings called. The woman who just called my name is my mother. She cares deeply for me, and doesn't mind that I call her by her first name. My parents, Kaisa and Aulis, are both Finnish. I don't understand why my 18 year old sister, Rikkia, did not join us in this permanent vacation to South Africa.


"Yes, Kaisa!!" I yelled. I picked up my bright green book-bag and ran out the door, knocking over a cup of pomegranate juice in the process. I climbed into my mother's navy blue Volkswagen Bug. I sank into the leather seats.

"You ready, Molly!" Kaisa sounded excited.

"I sure am Mother," I said, trying to suppress the annoyance in my voice. I looked out the window of the Bug, and stared at the South African landscape. Soon I saw the looming figure of Serene Hills's office towering over the Bug.

"Get out of the car, Honey. I stepped out the car hesitantly, and stood on the corner. "Bye!" Kaisa yelled. I saw the licence plate of the Bug as it drove out of the parking lot. I walked into the lobby. Something like elevator music was resounding off the walls. I watched as the secretary monotonously filed her nails, while she was talking on her phone. Her high nasal voice mixed in with the elevator music. I sat down on the horribly colored couch, that took up half the space in the lobby. The rest of the lobby was equal in horrible decor. The walls were beige, and the carpet was a yellowish-mustard color. The sofa that I was sitting on had little glasses all over it. I watched as a old cricket match was playing loudly on the small television.

"You are not serious," She said. Her head turned to me. "Honey, Dr. Hills is in, you can go into her office." I gave her an acknowledging head nod, and stepped into the office that is my hell.

Dr.Hill's dark skin was sweaty, and her hair was matted. Her usually ironed sundress was wrinkled and covered in stains.

"Hello Molly!" Her voiced cracked, and smashed. She was nervous about something, I just need to find out. After all a phsychiatrist can't help a crazy person, if their crazy themself.