"He's over there!" The man screamed as a man clothed in black ran down the corridor inside the building. His face was covered with a dark cloth, however a lime green heart pendant hung around his hand freely.

"Don't let him get away!" Another man yelled as the police force chased down the corridor after the man.

'Shit! They're really determined.' The man thought as he looked around for a window. As he caught a glimpse of a window, bullets were fired in his direction. Having to think quickly he ran towards the window and jumped out, all the while creating a portal into another world and falling inside of it. The police force ran up to the window not seeing any signs of the man anymore. The leader of the organization walked up to the window and looked down.

"Leon, don't think that you've gotten away. I know what you're planning." The chief stated, staring down towards the ground.