Chapter Two

Terra had been called down to eat after Leon had left about an hour ago. She walked down the stairs cautiously, before heading into what appeared to be the dinner room. She looked around not seeing anyone around, before hearing movement in the room next door, deciding she'd check in there. After walking into what appeared to be the kitchen, she saw Leon placing down their plates on table carefully, before turning to look at her.

"Ahh, okay. Here you go!" Leon said calmly. Terra walked over, and looked at the nice dinner Leon had setup before sitting down carefully.

"Umm, thank you." Terra said softly sitting down, and picking up the fork beside the plate quietly.

"Yeah, sure…" Leon muttered before sitting down and sighing, causing Terra to look at him sternly.

"Hey! You could at least say 'You're welcome'!" Terra stated.

"Sorry." Leon said sarcastically. Terra began to say something, but decided against it and instead, began eating her meal. Leon sat with his hands crossed as he occasionally looked over at the girl and thought.

'Hmm, she seems less hostile than before… Maybe if I continue to baby her and such I can get that pendant from her and send her back before anythi-' Leon thought before hearing Terra asking him why she was hear.

"What?" Leon asked quickly making Terra glare.

"I said… What was the point of bringing me here, in the first place? I mean… You grabbed me and didn't even explain to me why you were kidnapping me or anything… Is this for a ransom or something?" Terra asked, making Leon stare at her dumbfounded. How could a girl be so calm about something like being kidnapped? Asking common questions about ransoms and such. This girl was obviously a lot more perplex than Leon first thought, making him smile slightly.

"Well… I can't really… Explain that right now…" Leon began.

"Anyways, can I see that necklace you have on?" He asked making Terra glare at him before shaking her head.

"No. This is my special necklace… My mom gave it to me, because she thought it suited me best." Terra claimed calmly.

"I just want to look at it…" Leon grumbled.

"Well, you can look at it from here." Terra replied coldly, causing Leon to sigh and begin eating.

'Such a complicated girl…' He thought to himself.

Terra began walking back up to the room she woke up in quietly. She looked around curiously, before finding a dresser in which was filled with Leon's clothes. She smirked before quickly rummaging through them quickly, finding a black silk button-up shirt making her laugh softly to herself.

'Dude has a cool sense of style…' Terra thought, before placing the shirt back in the dresser and closing it. Walking around the room quietly and carefully, before getting bored, and sitting on the bed silently. Leon soon walked into the room quietly, whiling pulling off his shirt, causing Terra to jump up quickly on impulse.

"W-What're you doing!?" Terra asked nervously.

"Umm, getting ready to sleep?" Leon replied calmly.

"B-But, I'm in here!" Terra scolded.

"Your point?" Leon questioned beginning to unbutton his jeans causing Terra to jet to the bathroom and lock herself inside of it. Leon let out a howl as he practically almost fell to the ground laughing, before grabbing his pajamas and sliding them on carefully.

"You can come out girl." Leon replied causing Terra to slowly open the door. He chuckled softly as the girl came out of the bathroom with her head facing the floor, as she walked over and sat down on the bed carefully. Leon stared at her for a while before he sat down on the bed next to her, and stared at her.

"You're quiet, for someone who believes they've been kidnapped for a ransom…" Leon said, causing Terra to look over at him confused.

"Isn't that why I'm here?" She asked curiously, Leon only smiled and shook his head before putting his hand up and reaching towards her upper chest. Terra blinked nervously, before seeing him reach for her necklace on her neck, and look down at her.

"This…" He began holding the necklace carefully, "is the reason I have taken you."

"My necklace?" Terra questioned oddly, looking down at her necklace before looking back up at him quietly. Leon nodded, and sighed before letting the necklace drop back down onto her shirt before looking away from her.

"If you want to stay alive, you would just give me the necklace and go back to your little 'humanly safe' world…" Leon said coldly making Terra glare at him angrily.

"First of all, my 'world' is NOT humanly safe… War is going on all the time, there are many diseases sweeping through the country and across the world. If you really think it's safe to be where I live, then you're wrong…" Terra said defensively causing Leon to look at her uncaringly, making her move slightly away, a little confused.

"Sweet heart…" Leon began, "this world isn't too peachy either. War is not even the problem here… it's more of a power-based issue…" Leon stated.

"Everyone is fighting for the power of the worlds… You, have half of the whole Pendant of Truths around your neck…" Leon said calmly as he looked over at his dresser before continuing.

"If anyone from this world, finds you, especially with everyone knowing you have half of the pendant… then you'll be dead. They will not hesitate to do anything, when it comes to get a piece of the many pendants of the worlds…" He muttered causing Terra to blink for a second and then stand up.

"So… Wouldn't it be safer for me to stay here?" Terra answered causing Leon to look at her confused.

"I mean… If I just give you the pendant… I'm sure you might be able to keep it safe, and then bring me back to where ever my world resides… However… Couldn't there be a reason for me having the pendant in the first place?" Terra questioned causing Leon to stare, silent, pondering about her statement.

"Hmm… I suppose." Leon said.

"However, if that's the case… will you actually be willing to leave behind everything you used to live for? I mean… Until we can at least figure this whole thing out…" Leon said, for he too, didn't know the answer to Terra's reasoning. He didn't know everything about the Pendant of Truths, or the other pendants in other worlds… He only thought that if he could get the other half of the pendant from whoever held it, then maybe he could stop any destruction from happening to any world.

Terra stared at Leon's concentrated face for a while before looking away, seeing his balcony and smiling softly and walking over to it. She opened the doors that lead to the outside and stood out on the balcony quietly, looking off at the night sky. Leon heard her open the doors and looked over, seeing the girl standing by herself, looking up at the stars and just relaxing. He stood, and was quickly by her side looking over at her face quietly.

'This girl is a lot more observant and smarter than I thought' Leon pondered to himself. He looked at her calmed face before looking up at the stars himself. Maybe she was the rightful owner of that pendant. Who knows, maybe she could be something more important than that… All Leon knew, was that he had to protect her from any dangers that may occur in the next few days…

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