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Chapter One

The children sat around the hospital quietly waiting to be called in to see the patient. Arms twisted and curled against one another, as tears slightly slid down one girl's cheek. Suddenly one of the boys pulled away from the group and grimaced. He wondered if they would truly be able to see her now. The nurse walked into the waiting room and smiled softly and sympathetically.

"You all may see her now." She stated calmly. The children all looked up and around at each other. They all stood quietly and started to walk off towards the room.

"Thank you very much, ma'am." One of the girls's whispered softly before they all walked up to the room. All taking a deep breath, they opened the door slowly and quietly, before they all took a step inside, one by one.

"Hey Jimmy! Wanna go out and see a movie later on tonight!?" A blonde hair girl called to Jimmy who was walking hand-in-hand with his girlfriend Claire.

"Sorry Stephie, but I already have a girlfriend! Try someone else!" Jimmy called back lifting Claire's and his entwined hand up to show her for the tenth time.

"That girl is going to be chasing after you for the next two years we have here at Jean Scott High." Claire muttered softly, looking at the silver-skulled ring on her finger.

"I don't know why she keeps asking me. She's a popular and I'm… not… I think she's trying to set me up." Jimmy replied earning a laugh and hug from Claire.

"Mmhm.. Girls just can't keep their hands off my Jimmy, but he's mine!" Claire replied, before pecking Jimmy on the lips and sliding away before he could respond to it.

The two walked outside of the school to be met by four other, strange children. A girl was dressed in a purple tunic top, and black tight straight-legged pants, with plain converse sneakers, and flirting happily with the girl beside her who was dressed down in black baggy pants, with chains hanging heavily off them. Her shirt was black and hung tightly against her upper half of her body, followed by a black tie around her neck with little black, red, silver, green, and purple bracelets on her wrists. The two other characters were two boys who didn't waste any time into flirting, and went straight into the make-out stages. One of the boys, dressed down complete in black, and loose pants followed by some lovely chains, and a small necklace around his neck which read: "Patrick" on it.

The other boy was contently dressed in a purple top with a lovely sunflower on it, followed by his black skirt, filled with chains and buckles, and yellow leggings to match the flower on his top. With plain girl combat boots. He had bracelets on his wrists, only not worth explaining for his hands were hidden around his obvious lover's neck.

"Hey!" Claire called catching Patrick's attention and pulling away from the boy to look. The other pouting sadly and looking at Claire, irritated. "Claire, come on! That was so mean!" He whined quickly, only to be patted on his neck-length pink sprayed wash-out hair dyed head, by Patrick.

"Oh, sorry." Claire said sarcastically before looking around at the two girls.

"Tammy!" Claire squealed seeing the tie-wearing girl look her way and wave, before pulling her girl's hand over to the two newcomers.

"What's up?" Tammy's lover says cheerfully, as Tammy stands there quietly listening.

"Nothing much, Sam, just a little bit of hanging out. You?" Jimmy says seeing Tammy looking quite distraught at the moment.

"Hmm, discussing our plans for tonight then right?" Sam asks curiously, nudging Tammy who was busy staring off at the boy from afar.

"Tamara?" Jimmy questions looking in the direction of her eyes before smiling.

"Hey Daniel!" Jimmy called to his friend who looked up and waved at the bunch ahead of him.

"Why are you so late?" Patrick asks curiously.

"I was.. doing something." Daniel replied in a cold tone.

"Oh." Claire replied quickly for Pat, wondering what he could have been doing in the school so late.

"Jonny?" Daniel started quickly.

"Y-Yeah?" Patrick's lover-Jonny replied quickly.

"Did you finish your half of the history project?" He began.

"Yeah. Did you?" Jonny replied.

"Yes… Here… it is…" Daniel muttered reaching into his pocket and pulling out the tape which was obviously his half of the project and handing it to Jonny calmly.

"Ok….." Jimmy said awkwardly, looking over at Patrick then Daniel. "How about we all go to the arcade?" Jimmy suggested.

"Yeah! Tomorrow is Friday so I suppose we can go to the skate park then, right?" Claire recalled.

"Sure, off to the arcade it is!" Jonny said nervously, looking at Daniel strangely again before walking off with Patrick's arm around his shoulder. Daniel on followed the six people in front of him quietly, stopping to look back at the school, before smiling maliciously and continuing on with his friends.

"BOOYAH! More tickets are won by the lovely Jimmy Dockson…" Jimmy yelled, gaining more tickets and putting them in a bucket his girlfriend, Claire was holding remorsefully.

"Why do I have to hold the bucket?" She asked.

"Because I love you." Jimmy replied giving her a loving kiss.

"Fine…" Claire replied with a smile. The others were off doing other randomly unknown things. Samantha and Patrick were off playing DDR on an easy round of Heavy mode, while Tammy watched indifferently. Jonny was off playing with a shooting game, unable to keep his hand straight enough to shoot all the enemies.

"FUCK!" He screams putting his hand down, after dying for the fifth time. He only re-added two tokens to begin playing again, when two slick hands wrapped around him to help him hold the gun.

"You're too focused on when to start shooting, that you can't shoot straight enough…" Daniel's cool voice whispered into Jonny's ear, who shuddered quickly, and kept his eyes looking at the game.

"D-Dan…" Jonny started, but felt Daniel's body press up against him roughly making him yelp slightly, earning a small laugh from Daniel.

"So basically…" Daniel began.

"Is you hold the gun at this angle, and stand straight like this… So when the enemy pops up.." Daniel stated as an enemy popped up and he clicked the gun instantly killing the victim quickly.

"It ensures you don't miss…" He finished. With that he pulled away from Jonathan either for the boy to breathe, his character getting killed once again from the lack of anyone playing it anymore. He went to turn to face Daniel, but saw the boy already heading over to Laser Tag with the others and sighed.

'What was that about?' Jonny questioned himself before sighing and heading over to the Laser Tag with the others. Everyone that were in couples went against each other, practically almost making it girls against boys with the exception of Patrick and Tamara.

"Hmm, four against three? Sounds interesting.." Jimmy stated with a smile, earning a death glare from Claire instantly sending "shut-up" waves through his body. They all walked into the room and the music began to play as everyone ran into different directions. Jonathan on the other hand was slowed down due to the incident with Daniel, making it harder for him to hide somewhere. He saw Patrick coming his way and figured, he'd just let his lover get to him before a pair of hands grabbed Jonny quickly from plain view and into a secluded corner in the game.

"Shh…" Tammy whispered softly, watching Patrick run past them quickly, seeing Jimmy off in the distance, running from Claire.

"Thanks.." Jonny whispered as Tammy smiled and ran out from the area leaving Jonny to sit down and stay hidden from everyone else to think. He only heard the room go quiet and wonder where everyone was before standing up slowly. At that point his back was pushed back into the wall and a pair of lips captured his quicker than he could blink. Their body was pressed roughly against his giving him barely any room between the wall and his attacker. He could feel their tongue roaming his mouth quickly before stopping and pulling away. Jonny gasped for breath and looked up, to see Daniel smiling up at him devilishly.

"Dan-" Jonny started but a hand covered his mouth quickly and he was hushed.

"Don't worry, little Jonathan… this might be the only encounter left we have." He whispered into his ear, before kissing him softly once more and pulling away. In a blink Daniel was gone and Jonathan was left there to wonder what really just happened.

'Does Daniel like me?' Jonathan asked himself, starting to walk out to put away the Laser Tag equipment, still baffled.