Chapter Two

Jonathan walked out of the Laser Tag room, only to be glomped by Patrick on his way out.

"Agh! Patrick! What're you doing?" Jonathan asked quickly, looking around at the people around them in which were staring.

"Hugging the love of my life, of course." Patrick replied causing the embarrassed, Jonathan to freeze in his place.

'Love of my life, of course.' Rung inside of Jonathan's head as, he pulled away from Patrick on impulse, hearing Patrick get ready to say something, but being interrupted by Tamara and Sam.

"What're you two lover boys up to?" Sam asked cheerfully, as Tamara glared at all the people that were looking at the two couples.

"N-Nothing! J-Just getting ready to come find you guys." Jonny replied quickly and smiled, feeling Patrick's eyes on his back.

"Let's get out of here, these people are starting to bug me." Tamara stated making the passing girls that walked by flinch before smiling satisfied with her notion.

"Yeah… Where's everyone else?" Patrick questioned coming from behind of Jonathan.

"Right over here!" Claire said happily causing Jonathan to smile and wave to her. He truly did admire Claire, for they were friends long before their sexual orientations came into the way of their friendship. He always felt that if he was straight, Claire would have definitely been the girl he would be with. However, Jimmy beat him to it. The four teenagers walked off towards Claire wondering where Jimmy was. Jonathan skipped cheerfully over to Claire before stopping on a dime, seeing Daniel standing silently in the corner nearby her.

"Hey.. Jonny? Jonathan?" Sam began grabbing the boys shoulder.

"What's up"


"You ok"

"Yeah, I'm fine"

"Alright." Sam replied giving him a small pat on the shoulder before grabbing Tamara's hand and swinging off lovingly with the girl. Jonathan on the other hand kept slightly away from both Patrick and Daniel, sliding off next to Claire.

"Umm, Claire?" Jonathan began, seeing Claire watching Jimmy play on the pinball machine.

"Hmm?" She replied turning her attention to him.

"Could I… talk to you for a minute?" He asked nervously, looking over towards Daniel from the corner of his eye, to see him staring back at him tastefully.

"Ok, sure." Claire said lovingly, walking off with Jonathan to another part of the arcade.

"Wai-wai-wait!? He what!?!" Claire practically screamed into the arcade, causing everyone to look in their direction.

"Shh!" Jonathan replied walking out of the arcade with Claire, as Claire stared over at Daniel coldly.

"What do you mean he kissed you?! What are you gonna tell Patrick!?" Claire asked "I don't know! I mean… I don't understand why.. he would do that…" Jonathan replied sadly, feeling hurt about the whole situation now.

"Aww, Jonny…" Claire started walking over to him and giving him a hug.

"I know you're probably scared of how Patrick is going to react… but I think he has a right to know that Daniel is doing these things to you… Whether Daniel is our friend or not, he has to know." Claire stated nicely as Jonathan's eyes began to fill up with tears.

"I can't tell him that. Patrick just gets so angry, and when he does. I don't know what I'll do if he ever…" Jonathan's voice cracked as he held onto Claire's shirt, trying his best not to cry about something that hasn't even happened.

"How about… Umm… We… We all go to the movies? Or we could… Oh Jonny, I don't know what else to do or say. I mean… Yeah, Patrick is going to freak out. That's how he is. However, don't you think his reaction will be a lot worse if he find out through someone else or himself?" Claire asked causing Jonathan to think about it for a moment.

"Yeah… You're right. I can't just sit here and have Patrick just find out… I guess I should go in there and just tell him!" Jonathan stated causing Claire to smile and clap cheerfully for the boy.

"Alright! You can do it, Jonny!" She said happily causing the boy to smile weakly and begin to walk into the arcade. The two started heading back into the arcade and started towards the others. Jonathan was extremely nervous about what might happen, if he randomly just blurts out what happened between him and Daniel to Patrick. How will he react? Will everyone's friendship go down the drain? What about their relationship? Those questions swarmed around Jonathan's head as he made his way towards the rest of his friends.

"Hey Jonny." Patrick said with a smile starting to walk over to the frozen Jonathan.

"Jonathan what's wrong?" Sam asked him curiously, Jimmy and Tammy stared at the boy quietly, wondering what was bothering him.

"D-Daniel…" He began.

"Daniel?" Patrick said looking confused.

"D-Daniel did something…" Jonathan stuttered nervously.

"Did what?" Patrick questioned quickly.

"This…" Daniel answered before Jonathan, walking up to the boy and stepping slightly in front of Patrick, before pressing his lips against the smaller boy quickly. Everyone who was in the arcade stopped playing their games, and looking for prizes to win. They all stared at the scene in front of them. Two young boys. One slightly about a foot taller than the other, kissing the smaller one intensely, making a scene in front of their friends. Jonathan, on the other hand was taken back, from the sudden attention, and couldn't even think to breathe before Daniel broke the kiss slowly, and being pulled away by his lover.

"Oh no…"