You know you're in love with


when alliterations

become an addiction,

and you can't stop

the subtle rhyming scheme

repeating itself,

repeating itself.


And in moments of awkward silences,

I wish I could take my pen and



I know I'm in love with

double meanings

in phrases,

and words that mean nothing,

because they mean everything to me.

Little phrases that lose their meaning over time

fade in your eyes; not mine.


When's the last time you took

"I love you" seriously?

(It's too cliché to say with a

straight face.)


Oh, and lines that go on forever…

run-on-sentences… I adore you…

(That's my speedway… my literary highway…)


Seduce my mind,

and speak those words to the point of


Hypocrisy never seemed so beautiful.

Your lips have it down to an



Intonation and inflection

on the end of your statements

make you so


(Never stop asking… )


Oh, I know I'm in love with


Speak to me,

till your lips are numb.

We'll always have pen and paper.