The bell announced the ending of another sorry day of school. Yeah, I was a senior and hated school, but really what could I do about it? I sighed and headed towards my locker to collect my stuff, and then make the bus (of hell) back home. For once when getting on the bus, I had thought I could get a seat near the front by myself, but I should have known. I ended up sitting beside Nathan Rhodes.

"Don't even speak to me," I said like a child mad at her older brother for breaking her most precious thing in her room.

I could hear his guy friends' laugh and high five him, as though it were planned. Anyways I could have cared less, yes, I had a crush on him like my freshman year, but that's old now. I turn on my mp3 player, and Othello. I sank into my world and derelict those around me until my stop.

I had everything timed. Since fifth grade, I had memorized my parents' schedule. It was all evolved around me. I knew when my mother would be home, at six thirty dad would be home to lecture me about college again. I hated how he had lectured me all the time about college, I didn't even want to hear it again, and I had been hearing it since freshman year.

Suddenly the door wrung, rarely the doorbell rang. Mostly people just knocked ignoring the old bell. I got up from where I was sitting at my computer desk in my room and ran (well mostly walked rather than ran) to the door to see who it was. I was figuring it would be for my father on business terms, again as usual. Ok so I admit, on normal days I wouldn't hear a knock or the doorbell with my music being so loud, so yes, on that part, I was a normal seventeen year old.

"Hello?" I had as I had opened the door.

"Um yeah, Lachey, correct?" come the boys voice.

"Yeah that's me," I agreed, not that I had wanted to.

"I'm Scott Bateman, well, mostly known as Bateman, but anyway um yeah, I need your help"

"Wow the infamous Scott Bateman needs help with let me guess, a subject he can't pass," I sarcastically shot back half amused.

"Yeah something like that,"

"Ok-, "I started and stopped. I had to think, something up for Bateman to need tutoring after school.

"Ok what? You going to help me or not?" he asked in a hurry.

"Yeah sure why you don't meet me in the Learning Center after school tomorrow at lunch," I offered.

He stood there as though he were thinking of something that deeply worried him.

"Yeah sure sounds great," he said as he were walking away half talking to me, half talking to air. I watched as he walked away from the house and out of sight. I ran back to my room and turned on my Gavin DeGraw cd. It was time for my homework, before my parental lectures began.

They didn't know of Bateman yet, matter of fact, honestly, I hadn't really wanted them to. I sit there and wait. Words had now been echoing in my head of no one actually there. I start writing down my answers for my homework.

"Lachey I'm home!" I heard my mother holler to me. As if I didn't know. I didn't rush down to see her, she knew I wouldn't anyway. I just sit there with my music playing, just loud enough to slightly hear at the end of the hall and rehearsing my homework.

Iago: How now, Roderigo? I pray you, after the lieutenant, go.

"Lachey did you?" she asked from downstairs but I blocked the rest of what she had asked out. It didn't matter. My dad would just ask the college questions. They had chosen college for me. Unlike them, I had known someone else's plans.

"You have tutoring tomorrow?" she demanded more than asked.

"Yeah I do after school," I answered. I didn't bother telling her about Bateman.

The discussion was done as had walked by to go and change out of her work uniform. I was quiet a little longer deciding if I should on which college I had wanted to attend. No I wasn't yet.

After dad had come home it was the usual. College, and work, a fight in between dinner, reading the newspaper, read Times Magazine. I would usually hide in my room listening to Gavin DeGraw or watch one of my Matthew McConaughey picks.

Finally I gave in and lay awake until I finally did fall asleep at some point.