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I'm in my bedroom studying, well taking a stab at it anyways, and having my dvd series of 24 on. I wasn't in the mood for CSI. Then I heard my cell phone vibrate. I didn't answer it but it was only a text anyways. Probably from him. I don't rush to get it right away. I try to make it a couple more minutes, but give in.

TEST. Biology. Tomorrow.

It was Zac. When the hell did he start texting on cell phones? He was one kid who would never even you instant messaging or even skype. I was done for, I hadn't even thought to bring home my Biology books from school, they were still in my locker, and of course Biology wasn't even a subject I chose to pay attention in.

Thanks. I need someone to study with. Come over?

I send and then I get no message back. I wait knowing eventually I will get an answer back. I turn off 24 in the mean time, and switch to the cd player, I had totally forgotten cd was in it. Bush. It was Mr. Gavin Rossdale tonight. A track and a half later of the cd I get a message back from Zac stating that he was on his way and he would be there in a few. Bio books in hand so we could study together. Sometimes he could be the best thing ever. Other times, not so much.

"You know there's a CSI marathon on tonight," is the first thing he says as he walks into my room plopping his messenger bag on the floor by the door. He is mad about something, I could tell in his voice. Knowing him he didn't want to talk about it though. He was my best friend, but he rarely ever wanted to talk about his problems, he wasn't the type to do so. I head over to him, and want to comfort him but change my mind. I head back to turn my cd player off.

"No you can keep it on, but could you please put something else on?"

"Ok I can do that, do you mind RENT?" I ask hoping his Broadway knowledge was off a bit. He never really cared for musicals that much.


"What's wrong anyways?" I ask. He just stares at me like he has seen a ghost. Maybe I was the ghost. He finally takes a deep sigh.

"Nothing. Ok well atop the test tomorrow, I think I miss you. Miss us. You're always with him" he says, but I notice the way that he said him, in cold voice, like it was poison. Too him I guess it was. It always would be.

This time I give in. I go up to him, and force a hug upon him, I just hoped he wouldn't push me away. I didn't want him to. I stay there not letting him go. I finally stand there holding each other in quiet. I stare into his eyes, and push back his hair to get it out of his eyes. He looked better that way. I had always hated the hair in his eyes. It took me back to old times, back to when we were dating. Then it happened. I kissed him. Not long, but just long enough. I didn't give him a chance to kiss me back.

"I'm sorry Zac, I'm so sorry. I can't do this, this wasn't supposed to happen," I tell him as I push myself away. I was pissed at myself.

"If you can't then why did you?" he asked me harshly as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He was hurt, but I was wondering the same thing. He stood there watching my next move, before he bent over and collected his bag and books that weren't taken out for what was supposed to be a study session. I was on my own.

"I have to go anyways. Plus Warrick gets killed. Sorry for the spoiler alert," he said as he grabbed his zip up hoodie in his left hand. I didn't want him to come anywhere near me, that wasn't the case, he came near me anyways. Only to brace my hand.

"Could you go back to calling me Taylor or Tay, and newsflash you should check out Bones," he told me before he had left. That was the last thing he said before walked away.

I had screwed up. I just lost my best friend, and was in love with someone else. Why had I kissed him.

I had no riposte.

A sign that had stated "Vote Victoria Morris for Class President" had found itself on the fa├žade of my locker, as I stood in front of it. I ignored it and opened my locker and collected what I needed for history class.

"Lachey we really need to talk," I heard Evans' voice on the opposite side of the locker. I didn't really feel like talking to him right now. I was still pissed about kissing Taylor last night. A top that, I didn't want to really talk if Taylor had. Maybe I could just go on giving him the silent treatment.

"Now please?" he begged. It was serious, I may as well give in. I would have to anyways because one way or another he get me to talk. I figured maybe it was about Bateman. After all, he was Bateman's friend.

"It's about your friend Taylor," he began. My heart broke, he didn't know. I didn't even have the heart to tell him Taylor was now a former friend. Maybe a frenemy even. I just let him know that he had my attention now. He scanned the empty hallway to see if anyone was coming, but it was still empty. It was obvious he didn't want anyone to hear what he had to say.

"What does he have to do with anything?" I asked suddenly not liking the silence, or where I thought this was going. I looked at him while he crossed his arms to cover his stomach, as though the t-shirt he was wearing had something offensive on it. Then he spoke.

"I think, well actually, I don't think. I know," he said starting and then stopped like he was still gathering the words in his head.

"Know what?" That he's still even somewhat in love with me?" I ask hoping he would get to the words quicker. I know I sounded like a bitch to him but I didn't care at this point. I slam my locker shut, he looks at the floor for a moment.

"No that's not it. I'm gay," he confesses to me.

I was in shock I didn't know what to say for a moment. I try to sink it, but it doesn't work.

"How does Zac fit into all of this? And how exactly do you know you're gay?" I ask him. He looked at me as though he wasn't going to ask for a while. I didn't even know if he was going to. Then again it really wasn't my place to know, but I had asked. Then he placed his hands in his pockets and smiled.

"We have been seeing each for a couple of weeks now. Remember you saw us at the football game, and you wanted to know what had crawled up his ass and died?" he answered and laughed with a schoolboy grin. I stayed silent.

"Well that somewhat started it. As for knowing, I've known since second grade, when you're gay you just know. People say you can't but you just do. It's like Twix without the chocolate"

Now students started to gather in the hallways getting the hangout fix before the warning bell for class started. I wouldn't blame them if was the only ten minutes of socialization you got sometimes around here.

"You're secret is safe with me," I tell him as I head towards the south side of school to get to history class. I felt like a jerk now after last night. I would have to talk to him when I had the chance today. If he would let me. I didn't really get why he let me be all passionate over him last night though. I try to shrug it off but I can't.

"Good morning tutor girl," he greeted as he sat down beside me in class. His hazel eyes reflected even lighter today for some reason. I didn't say anything to him just faked a smile so he wouldn't ask anything. I didn't want him finding out anything.

"Not much for talking, huh? I won't be available for Shakespeare tonight," he tells me. Finally I decide to pretend to pay attention. I noticed he was wearing his Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Pike tee. I didn't think he would even know that movie.

"Alright is all I say" I scan the room and then get back to studying.