make me bleed

Soberness is no longer clinging to your strands of reason
I should've figured you'd be a quiet drunk
I've thrown myself on the table by now
cigarette smoke curls around the sound waves of the heavy bass
and I make bedroom eyes at the looker on your left.
You're angry
if your chapped lips
bleeding from the pressure of your sharp canines digging into the supple flesh
are any indication.
Nobody likes feeling convenient
but there's no love in sex.
Pool balls collide with my back and raucous laughter sounds
I know they're enjoying the show
are you?
I'm teasing you
you must've noticed
I wait for you to walk up with long strides and claim what's yours
possessiveness is such a turn on.
You look away
and it's like you've shot an arrow tinged with poison through my chest
why won't you just hitpinchstabbitepunchbruise me
scream and let your fury show for once
instead of letting my die
so agonizingly slow from within
as your lips remained clamped shut
your feet cemented to the bar stool
and the toxins devour my heart.

There's no love in sex.

I treat you like shit
but you treat me like nothing.

Didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to—I'm still very unsatisfied with the ending. Suggestions on how to better this are greatly appreciated.

-EDIT- Changed some of the descriptions, but it still doesn't sound right.