"Rayan, you asshole! You had me worried!"

"Oh, shut up, Ethan. I wasn't gone for that long." Rayan smiled, getting into the car and giving Ethan a quick kiss. "Besides, we needed milk." He held up the milk as proof and Ethan just frowned and began the car before Rayan even shut the door.

"We're running from the police, we've got new identities, new appearances, and we do something as boring as go buy milk? Man, I thought this would be more action-packed or something."

"Action-packed means danger and danger isn't good," Rayan said, looking out the window as they drove to their apartment. "I'm perfectly content to be living a boring life with you."

Ethan only let out an annoyed breath that really meant nothing and continued driving. He felt Rayan slip his hand into his and he held back onto it affectionately.

"Why do I still drive you anyway? You lazy bum."

"That's because you're good at driving me around. And I was forced on strict bed rest for how long again?"

"I was only trying to make sure you got better. I'm still pissed you're moving around," Ethan explained, looking around at all the names of the streets. "You know, I think we're lost again."

"Again? This is the fourth time."

"How was I supposed to know Scotland was confusing? How about you try to drive around a country you've never been to, huh?"

Rayan sighed and when Ethan slowed down the car to try to figure out where they were, Rayan took the moment to kiss Ethan. Their lips moving against the other's, slowly.

"You do the best you can and I'm thankful."

Ethan just gave him a smile and then began driving again, he was sure he had the right way though he kept looking around to make sure.

"We need a new country to move to," Ethan murmured, not paying much attention to what he said. He was going the right way to their apartment. "Have to tell Kale so he can get the tickets on time."

"How about Slovakia?"

"Where the hell is that?"

"It's in Europe. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Slo-vak-ia." Rayan sounded out each sound.

"Okay, first rule of our new lives: No moving to countries I've never heard of."

"Nobody would ever think we were in Slovakia," Rayan offered.

"And nobody would think we were in Antarctica, but we sure as hell aren't going to live there, are we?"

Rayan only giggled and nothing else was said. Which was fine for both of them because enough had been said the months they had done nothing but talk. They had had enough talking to last them and silences were more of a rarity for them than talking. The silences they did have were usually them just looking at each other. Usually Ethan looked at Rayan, trying to figure him out and Rayan seemed to look at him in a lovesick way.

They finally arrived at their small apartment. It was only big enough to have a kitchen and a bathroom and a bedroom. It was all they needed and neither complained.

As soon as they entered the apartment, Rayan pushed his lover against the wall and began kissing him passionately, Ethan quickly following his lead. He felt Rayan weaving his hands through his shortened and light brown hair. Damn being wanted. He missed his old hair but that thought went out of his mind when he felt Rayan grind up against him and he pulled away, looking at him sternly.

"Rayan, I thought we agreed no fucking until you're all better."

"I am better. I'm healthy enough to go back to screwing around with you and we haven't done anything in so long," Rayan explained, his hips still grounding into the other man's. He started caressing Ethan's neck with his lips. "Not to mention the only time we had sex was how long ago?"

"Rayan, you aren't totally better yet. Stop," he protested but obviously, Rayan wasn't letting himself hear and he began unbuttoning his pants, slowly undoing the zipper. "Rayan," he all but whined. "Stop. I…"

Finally, he did stop, looking Ethan worriedly.

"You feel guilty, don't you?"

"I…what? I mean…" He actually did still feel a bit guilty but he wondered how in the world Rayan could have known that. It was random.

"I love you, I know these things," Rayan explained, smiling because of Ethan's confused look. "And you know, you shouldn't feel guilty at all. Haven't we talked about this already? You apologized for acting like an ass and we both agreed there was nothing we could have done about the shooting. Even if you were having some weird sixth sense about it. So, just get over it and stop taking my job away. I'm the emotional bitch in this relationship, remember?"

"I still feel like-"

He didn't say anything else before Rayan kissed him quiet, though pulled away before it developed into anything more.

"I don't care if you feel guilty. You shouldn't. I love you, you love me. We've forgiven each other and that's that. So shut up and just screw me, alright?"

"Is that really what you want?"

Rayan grinned and leaned in closer, "More than anything."

Before he kissed him, he fingered the man's now blonde hair and frowned.

"I miss your black hair. I miss mine too."

Rayan sighed and nipped his neck in mock discipline, "Who cares about hair? Just tell me how much you want me?"

Ethan found he couldn't hold back anymore and he bent down, whispering into Rayan's ear "I want you". He then moved his hand down to Rayan's crotch.

"Mm, I love you, Ethan" were the last words Rayan said before they began kissing again and Ethan began pulling him towards their makeshift bed.

Sometimes, it shocked Ethan how perfect everything had ended up. Other than the constant running away from the police and giving up everything he had ever had, they were safe. They were happy together. Maybe they couldn't live on together forever but it wasn't worth thinking about because a happily ever after was a happily ever after and Ethan wasn't about to give his up for anything.

IT'S DONE. Well, not exactly. There's a sequel. Tons more to tell. Who knows when that'll be up. If I'll post it. Blah.

Interesting Notes: Most of these characters are based on people I know. Jason is actually based on my cousin's boyfriend Jason. He hardly talks and when he does, it's always worthwhile. But really, he just stands there and says nothing. Timmy is based on somebody I knew in school. He was really short. Just a little over five foot. I knew him in first grade and called him Timmy. In high school, I still called him Timmy and he always wanted me to call him Tim because he wasn't a kid anymore. Kale is actually based on a guy named Kale. Kale was this jerk who always liked to be mean to me. He was rude and cold. In eighth grade, we had to work together. While we didn't become friends, I found out he wasn't nearly as bad as he once was and I could get along with him. Melanie is loosely based on my mom. My mom likes to pick on her boyfriends and is always a little rough on them which is somewhat like Melanie treats Tom.

THAT'S IT. Hope you had fun reading you eleven story alerters. I am very honored everybody read this. :3