"How am I going to sleep tonight?" I asked rhetorically with a moan as we entered Logan's house through the front door. I flopped onto the couch under the bay window as soon as I got inside.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe try some warm milk or a teddy bear?"

I looked up immediately. The voice that had quipped at me wasn't Logan's, but a woman's. From the kitchen and into the foyer walked an older, blonde lady. I took a peak at the watch on my wrist and saw that it past six. Logan had told me that his mom would be home around now.

Logan closed the front door behind him and I jumped off of the couch to greet Ms. Driscol.

"It's nice to meet you," I said cheerfully, shaking her hand. "I'm Bridgette."

"And it's nice to finally meet you," Ms. Driscol said, returning my cheer. "Logan talks about you quite a bit." I could feel my face turn pink. "So, where'd you guys go?"

"Took a walk," Logan lied. I wanted to hug him for not giving stupid me the chance to tell the truth.


"Not really," he replied, stripping off his jacket and throwing it on the couch.

Ms. Driscol walked back into the kitchen and I heard some rustling. She soon emerged, a bit distressed. "Logan, did you have some of my coffee?"

Logan laughed nervously and nodded. "Y- yeah."

"It was delicious," I piped up. It was Ms. Driscol's turn to laugh.

"I'm down to just my Ethiopian Supernatural coffee," she said after her laughing fit had ended. "You could always run to the store for me..."

"Mooooom," Logan groaned. "The store is forty five minutes away." Ms. Driscol looked unfazed. "And it's a school night!" Logan added.

She sighed and crossed her arms. "Fine, fine. You like your rest. I think I raised you wrong." I chuckled as she snapped her fingers and looked hopeful. "Oh! Oh! I know. I gave our neighbors coffee as presents for Halloween." What? I thought. Did she just say Halloween?

Logan bumped into me lightly. "My mom loves giving out presents." I nodded as if I understood. The thought of presents on Halloween perplexed me, but I shrugged it off.

Ms. Driscol puffed up her cheeks and went on. "How about you go down the street and ask for some?"

"Mom, that's rude!" Logan exclaimed. "You gave them a gift, then you just take it back?"

"No, I won't be taking it back," she explained, approaching Logan. She poked his chest lightly. "You will be. Please?"

Since she was shorter than he was, she peered up at him with puppy dog eyes. Logan sighed. "Fiiiine." Logan grabbed his coat from the couch and and put it back on.

"Thank you so much!" Ms. Driscol exclaimed, clapping her hands together. "If they want payment, promise them your soul."

"Mom!" Logan cried as we made our way towards the door.

As we exited, I heard a muffled, "kidding!"


"Well, my immediate neighbors aren't home, I am not going to Bourne's house, and we didn't have any luck at the Henessey's," Logan recalled, holding up one finger for each house. "The big question is: do we hit up the Lisemore's or leave them be?"

I gulped as I stared at the Lisemore abode that lay ahead of us. "Well..." We were fast approaching the house.

Logan looked ahead at the first story of the residence. "Someone's in the window."

"Ahhh... what?"

"I think someone's watching out of the window over at the Lisemore's." We were almost to the house, and it was decision time.

"We can't!" I cried at once, suddenly making up my mind. "We can't, no no, we really shouldn't..."

"Pshh," Logan said, sounding like an egotistical ruler. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to go for the gusto."

And for the gusto, he did go.

I stood on the sidelines as he skipped up the porch steps, as though he were fearless. I could tell he wasn't, the fear was radiating from his very skin (or at least evident in my dilated pupils).

He pushed the doorbell without hesitation this time and waited. The figure moved from the window towards the door. I watched the entranceway swing open as Mrs. Lisemore, a grave expression upon her face, greeted Logan without smiling.

I folded my arms to keep the warmth in and hopped up and down in place a bit. Logan and Mrs. Lisemore were having a little chat, apparently, and he had left me to freeze.

But, to my surprise, Logan turned around to me with Mrs. Lisemore standing in the open doorway. He waved his hand to signal for me to come near. I hesitated, but then hopped over to them.

Mrs. Lisemore was silent as she gestured us inside. Logan lead and I followed, staring briefly at the family room where the TV was on. Evan's gotta be home by now, I thought. That made me a little troubled.

She lead us further into a little atrium. Lights swung overhead, but instead, Mrs. Lisemore sat us down on two little wooden stools with cushions on top, and ran into the kitchen. She soon returned with matches and a single candle. She held the candle and lit it; neglecting to put it down on anything. She took a breath and actually smiled.

"I have your mother's coffee."

Wow, I thought, a but dumbfounded. All that just to tell us you have some coffee?

I wanted to say "overkill much?" but she continued.

"But I'm glad you came back here. You were probably a little uneasy after all I did during our last visit." I peered over at Logan who glanced back, and we both nodded. Mrs. Lisemore wiped a strand of hair from her face, shaking her head. "I apologize for that... it was my fault. I should've just told you in the first place."

Now the uneasiness was coming back. I sucked my lips into my mouth. God, I had always hated suspense in movies. Every time that someone's going in for the kill and something suspends it from happening, or they're about to reveal who did it and there's silence, my adrenaline always races throughout my body at a swift rate.

"First off, I sincerely thank you for telling me about Bourne moving onto our street."

"Welcome," Logan mustered. I wondered how he could have possibly said something while my mouth wasn't even able to open all the way.

"Second, I'm afraid for you two."



Adrenaline pumped through my veins like water spewing out of a hose's nozzle.

"Mr. Bourne... does not have a very good history with this family. He-" she paused, peered around a bit and furrowed her brows. "...He blackmailed my husband into giving up his job, his life... his-"

She stopped. There was something, something she didn't want to say. And that worried me. "Anyway, we were forced to move here. We thought all our problems would magically poof away. But... I guess not."

I noticed Logan bite his bottom lip out of the corner of my eye. "That's... that's horrible," he said. "Why didn't you tell the police?"

To me, Logan was being overly nosy. However, to Mrs. Lisemore, she obviously saw this coming from a mile away. "The thing that Bourne was blackmailing my husband for... well, let's just say, it wouldn't settle well with the police."

I fidgeted. This was making me uncomfortable. I silently prayed to God I wouldn't pass out.

"But now that Bourne knows that you two saw that note-"

"Wait," I said, finally regaining my ability to speak. "Why was the note buried in the yard, anyway?" If I didn't ask then, I knew that I'd forget and be in the dark forever.

Mrs. Lisemore sat up a little straighter on the stool. "That was my husband's doing," she said sternly. "Apparently, he got that note when Bourne moved onto the street. He received it in the mail, and opened the envelope and read the note while I was in the room. He didn't want me to worry about it, so when I asked what it was... he said it was a wrong address and he claimed he was going to put to back in the mailbox. I guess... he just did the first thing that came to mind that was still getting rid of it and buried it by the walkway."

"Did you figure this out yourself?" Logan asked.

She shook her head. "I talked to him myself after you two left. But, anyway." She lowered the candle down a little and spoke in a whisper. "Now that Bourne knows you saw that note, I... I'm worried for you both. Knowing him, he'll expect that you know every detail about him by just reading that one note."

I was starting to get dizzy. I tried to swallow the little saliva left in my mouth, but my throat just wound itself into knots.

"School may just be the safest place for you two right now... and Evan."


I had forgotten how he fit into this.

"So, we need to stay there as long as we can...?" Logan asked, sounding a little let down.

Mrs. Lisemore sighed and nodded. "Any way you can do so you stay there longer will help." I nodded, but to tell the truth, I was screaming bloody murder on the inside.

"Is there anything at all we can do for you?" Logan questioned. I wanted to shush him. This was all too much already, without more things to do.

"You can keep yourself safe for me," she replied, not really answering Logan's question directly. "I won't... no, I shouldn't keep you here much longer. Oh, wait, the coffee!"

My head was spinning as we all got to our feet. My eyes blurred out of focus for a second, but I closed them briefly and my vision returned to semi-normality. Logan and I progressed towards the kitchen. However, right as I put my foot on the kitchen floor, my ears stopped accepting sound. My body became cumbersome and my breaths became short and shallow.

Mrs. Lisemore handing Logan a bag of coffee beans was the last thing I remembered before I hit the floor.