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Patience couldn't believe how easy it was to ditch the prince. Only four hours ago she had been hiding a prince in her barn, scared to death that she would get tossed into jail for kidnapping, or perhaps even "enchanting" a member of the royal family.

Now, she was back home, getting the kitchen ready and tidied before she had to make dinner. She smiled to herself. It was all over. Never again would she have to worry. Never again would she have to listen to the prince's singing. Everything was back to--


The slamming of the front door and a sudden crash brought Patience out of her happy thoughts.

"Cynnndeee Ellie!!"

'Oh NO! Not him! It can't him! Why the hell is he back?!' Patience screamed in her mind, her body temporarily frozen in shock. 'No, no, no, no, NO!' How had he found her house again? how in the world did someone manage to find a house they'd only seen from the barn, when they couldn't even tell whether or not they were human?!

Prince William came stumbling through the kitchen door, and then quite suddenly flung himself at Patience, hugging her tightly.

"Help me! Save me! They tried to kill me! I've never had somebody try to kill me before, I didn't know what to do! You have to help me!" The prince babbled on. He stopped only to gasp, before gripping patience's shoulders, shaking her slightly. "I know! You can change them into frogs! Nobody will ever know!"

"How the... Where..." Patience stammered, feeling very confused. After another minute, she finally wrenched herself away from Prince William, exploding quite suddenly. "Why are you back?! Get off me! Get out of house! Get out! Go back to your castle!" She shouted, near hysterical. "My stepmother will be home any minute! You can't BE here!"

Prince William blinked, his eyes wide with shock and fear. "They tried to kill me! Nobody has ever tried to kill me before! You have to help me, I don't know what to do!"

And then quite suddenly the prince burst into tears.

Patience felt her anger slip away and she gawked at the sobbing prince for a moment, unsure of what to do. She patted his shoulder awkwardly, trying to comfort him. "...Look, you're okay, right? They didn't kill you. Um, who was trying to kill you, anyway?" She asked softly, her brow furrowing in confusion.

The prince sniffled, wiping his nose on his sleeve before exhaling loudly. "Well, first of all I didn't have any gold. I tried to tell you that before we left this morning but then I got distracted, and so I was going to ask you for some after we reached the market but then I couldn't find you! I tried to explain to the tailor that I just wanted to borrow the clothes but he didn't believe me! He turned me over to the guards as a thief! And the guards threw me in jail! I thought they didn't recognize me, but then John came..." The prince explained in a hurry.

"John?" Patience interrupted, now feeling even more confused. "Who's John?"

"Well that's just it! He was my personal guard when I was prince! I know he knew who I was! He and some other guards took me before my Uncle, and I didn't understand what was happening, or what my Uncle was talking about. He didn't seem happy to see me, he said something about all his plans being ruined, and asked John to take care of 'it'. And that's when they tried to kill me! My own guards!" The prince exclaimed.

"I ran away of course, I ran back here so they wouldn't kill me..." He sniffed again, and then looked up at Patience, frowning softly. "I don't understand, why would my own guards, my own uncle..." The prince trailed off, looking confused and worried.

Patience, however, was no longer looking confused. She put it together, then. That's why his uncle claimed he had found Prince William's body. So they would stop looking, so that his own son could be king. So he could rule through his son. Now that Prince William had come back, he tried to have him killed. It was the only way Edward would remain king.

Patience wasn't sure how to explain to the Prince. "Prince... Err, William." She began.

"Yes?" William asked, looking at her with hopeful eyes. "Can you turn them all into frogs?"

Patience sighed. "No, William. I can't. Do you think that maybe your Uncle.." She bit her lip, trying to explain. "Maybe he doesn't want you to come back?"

The prince went wide-eyed with shock. "Why wouldn't he want me back! I have to rule! I have to be king! I- I'm his nephew!" The prince half-shouted.

"Maybe..." Patience began again, "Maybe he doesn't want you to rule, maybe he wants to rule. So maybe that's why he doesn't want you back..."

The prince straightened, scowling at Patience. "That's ridiculous! My uncle... He--! I-! That's, That's..." Slowly, comprehension dawned on the prince's face, and then it crumpled away as a sad, horrified expression fell upon the prince's face.

"My own uncle!" He wailed. "My own uncle wants me dead!" And then he broke out weeping again.

Patience was mortified. Mostly because the Prince's crying had given him with an abundance of snot with nowhere to put it but on his sleeve and her shoulder as he clung to her. Also because, what was one supposed to do with a weeping snot covered ex-prince? She hadn't the faintest idea.

The front door slamming open startled the both of them.

"My stepmother!" Patience gasped.

"The Prince-Hating Witch!" Prince William gasped.

Footsteps could be heard out in the hall, and Patience turned to look at William.

"Quick! Hide!" Patience whispered, and with that quickly shoved the prince towards the table, trying to push him under.

"Owtch!" The prince yelped as his head bashed against the rim of the table. "That hurt!" He complained, a little too loudly.

"Then move your fat head!" Patience hissed.

The foot steps got closer.

The prince panicked, flailing around, trying to make room for himself in-between the potato sacks that were wedged under the small wood table.

The kitchen door swung open suddenly, startling a scream out of both of them.

And neither of them expected who stepped through...

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