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"Ya ready? Newbies arrive today. I wonder if any of them are going to be any good. No challenges anymore. Ain't nobody as good as us here."

"Yeah, let's rock out. Need to get good seats so we can watch the losers fall on their faces trying to pass the exams. Remember last year—man, that was a riot. That newbie almost blew himself up! Ya think the Headmaster will have anyone do that again?"

"Nah, to dangerous—at least for that kid."

"Yo, girlfriend, let's go already. You look great—just like always. Come on; I want to get good seats this year. Last year we missed out on the show 'cause of your primping.

"Alright, already. I'm done. Quit harping."

Parking at the front entrance to the school, the buses opened their doors. The Headmaster and the teachers watched from the top the steps as the children milled about. As they slowly quieted down, the Headmaster walked down to the second landing.

"Greetings, children. We are so glad that you are all here safe and sound. Did you have an enjoyable trip?" at the chorus of yeses he continued. "This is one of the schools for children such as yourselves. Your teachers are just like you but they have been trained to control their powers and use them for good. This is the Equestrian Academy; you will stay here until you have mastered yourselves and your powers. When this has happened, we will discuss with you your future. Don't worry about that until the time comes. Now, in a moment we will head over to the Centaur Building, and we will see what you all can do. Don't worry about your things; they will be taken care of. After the Tests, you will be shown all the buildings then your rooms. Dinner will be served promptly at six; those who are tardy do not eat. Come, children, follow me quickly but quietly."

The Headmaster turned on his heel and started up the steps as he signaled the teachers to corral the children into some type of order.

Several hours later...

"So why do we have a child here that is so young? How old is she anyways, four, five, three!?"

"She is about four, sir, nobody knows for sure. She was found crying amidst the remains of a burned out house. Someone had burned down the house; it wasn't her, for they did find evidence showing how and where it started. The charred remains of two bodies were found, and they were assumed to be her parents. Like I said, nobody knows how old she is; they took a guess."

"I see. Hmph" the Headmaster grunted. "Did you happen to notice her eyes? It is very disconcerting to see eyes like that, especially in a child. By the way, what is her name?"

"Yes, I saw her eyes. I think her name is Kiar. She could write her first name: that's why they said she is about four. Do you know why her eyes appear like that?"

"Her eyes are like that because her power is so strong. Normally, our eyes turn all or mostly white when we are using our powers, but you already know that part. Hers are mostly white with indigo centered right around her pupils with streaks of indigo spread out in a starburst pattern. This means that we will have to train her specially, or she could destroy these buildings, all of us, and herself. You said her name is Kiar? How is it spelled?"

"Aye, her name is Kiar, spelled K-I-A-R."

"And you're sure that that is how you pronounce it?"

"Yes, sir. Why do you ask, sir?"

"Because that is the Shakaraki word for fire. It is well known that the Shakaraki language is the language of power. I think her having that name is significant, but we will have to wait to see about that. Well, that is all, Keith; you can go. Thank you."

2nd A/N

Okay...with the Shakaraki language pronunciation is very important

Kiar= K-ee-ar (the "ar" is pronounced just like the "ar" in "car")

Hmmmm...let me put it this way:

Here are the vowels and their equivelent in English; hope this makes sense.

A= uh (cut short "u" sound)

A= au (caught)

E= eh (get short "e" sound)

I= ee (keep long "e" sound)

O= oh (goat, tote long "o' sound)

Y= i (kite, cry long "i" sound)

EY= a (skate long "a" sound)

AR= ar (car, star)

There are 8 vowels and each have their own symbol/letter. When translated into English though, two of the letters have one Englsh letter equivalent--"A". Two other vowels are translated into two letters each--"Ey" and "Ar".