Its Secret Mission

As it watched the nearby carrot being pulled out, the nettle smiled slightly – not that there was anyone to see it. It did not feel sorry for the carrot at all. In fact, it felt relieved for the poor plant – it had been suffering for a long time, due to the lack of care from the humans.

No one would care, it thought as it saw the large, gloved hand loom over it. This was it. The nettle tried its best to push all the thoughts of fear to the back of its mind.

Then, down came the hand. Tightly, the fingers wrapped around the plant.

It tried its best to ignore the pain as it was pulled out. Everything in sight was slowly fading into black. But that did not matter.

As it struggled to hold onto consciousness, its life flashed before it. A vision of a small carrot seedling slowly formed in its mind.

It remembered the day when it was only a little seed. The weather was perfect on that day – clear skies, with a slight breeze which had blown it a long distance away from its parent plant. As the gentle wind slowly died down, the seed dropped down to the ground, finding itself right next to a healthily growing carrot.

Being the weak little nettle it was back then, it had not expected to live for long. It had expected to fail in its mission. It had expected the carrot to take all the nutrients in the soil before it even knew there were any.

What it had not expected, though, was the carrot bringing its own downfall. Instead of quickly hoarding all the essentials, it had been kind enough to share with the weaker plant. With there being no other nearby plants, the two quickly became acquainted.

However, before the carrot realised what was happening, its nettle friend grew larger and stronger than it. And that was when it realised that its 'friend' had been taking all the nutrients available.

By then, though, things were already irreversible. As the nettle grew larger and dropped more seeds around the carrot, it was slowly growing weaker and weaker. And one day, it finally left.

The nettle never felt anything about the loss of its friend. After all, that was its mission. They were there first – the land belonged to them.


Just before the world went dark, the nettle took one last glance around the garden, and smiled again as it saw all the nettle seeds that lay all over the soil. One day, they will grow into nettles themselves and finish their mission.

One day, the garden will be theirs again, and theirs alone.

A/N: Sorry, this was really rushed, which hopefully explains the lame title and story. This was done for English homework, and is meant to be one to one and a half page long. Out of a long long list, I picked the topic 'ambitious secrets'.

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