Bionic Irony


This morning, I woke with grave dirt in my nose.

Lazarus, bury me now; the cathode ray's got me by the DNA

And now I'm tired. We were up all night

Sewing up the soft underbelly with our own fibers

Like you asked us to. I'm willing to stay,

But I'm worried about the way it would have been.


And now I'm tired. Lazarus, carry me now;

I'm wading towards your double helix

Climbing the ladder of your vertebrae

Peeling back the myelin sheath and rewinding history

Like you asked me to. I'm willing to stay,

But I'm worried about the things that could have been.


What say you, electric flesh?

Neuroses carry me to your bed.

Lay me down, it's Saturday night

I'm only tired; don't say that I'm dead.


This morning, I woke after years of no sleep.

Lazarus, hurry me now; shove me into the nucleus.

Waiting in your electron cloud has got me pretty backwards

And now I'm tired. It's been half past two for twenty years

And the clocks in your cerebellum won't move forward.

I've been pushing and pulling the nervous hands

Like you asked them to. I'm willing to stay,

But I'm worried about the state of things that might have been.


What is this, electric flesh?

Impulse carries me to your bed.

Lay me down, undress the atoms

I'm sorry I'm tired; we're pushing ahead.


This didn't feel like Armageddon

(It never feels like the end of the world)


This doesn't feel like Armageddon

(It's tomorrow in Melbourne; we're pretty well done.)


So say you, electric flesh

Under the stripped and barren bed

Ease it down, cradle the protons

'It's too late now to reverse it,' you said.


This is Armageddon,

But it felt like a normal Saturday night to me.