Chapter One: G.N.O

"I'm more than a bird...I'm more than a plane
More than some pretty face beside a train
It's not easy to be me"

"Superman" -Five for Fighting

"So, our first G.N.O.! Aren't you excited Chloe?" Amanda, one of my best friends, cheerfully yelled from the passenger seat. Michelle smiled contently and continued to drive down the highway nodding her head. I, on the other hand, just stared out of my window and watched the ponderosa pine trees pass us by.

"Uh huh." I mumbled. I wasn't really into the whole let's-go-out-and-have-some-fun type girl. "Um… I know this is somewhat embarrassing to ask, but um, what exactly is G.N.O.?" As soon as I asked, I quickly regretted it. Amanda's gave me the I-never-knew-you-never-knew-that look.

"Wow… You seriously don't know what G.N.O. is? Girls Night Out, silly!" Amanda giggled as we continued down the highway.

"Oh," I mumbled, feeling my cheeks blushing from both the silly question and the thought of going to a social evening.

Ok let's make this perfectly clear: I am a nerd, a shy nerd. I've been on a total of zero, yes zip, dates, never been kissed, and I am now a freshman in college. I've always been a 4.0, perfect attendance since first grade student, and I do not intend to change. My philosophy in life is I do not need lots of friends, let alone a guy, to complete me. I was just fine with me.

"So where is the place, Amanda?" Michelle asked as she concentrated on the road.

"Let's see…" Amanda began to pull out a map. "Before you reach the I-12, you turn off and make a right onto Elm Street. Keep going until you reach Evergreen Road. Make a left and the building should be on the right."

"Okie doke," Michelle replied. My stomach began to lurch as I looked down at my cocktail dress. Amanda bought it for me for this type of occasion.

The last time I wore anything that resembled a dress was for my aunt's wedding, and even then it was a blouse and skirt. But Amanda insisted that since we were going to a party, I must wear something for the occasion. She even did my makeup, no matter how many times I said no.

We continued down until we made the right on Elm Street. I continued to star out of my window thinking about my finals that were coming up. Out of boredom, I looked down at my watch and saw the time: 10:22 P.M. I hope we're not staying out too late. I have to study in the morning.

"When are we going back to the apartment?" I asked, hoping it wouldn't be too late.

"You worry too much! We're not even there yet and already you want to go home. Relax!" Michelle said as she looked at me through her rearview mirror.

"I agree! Let's have fun, for once." Amanda said as she stuck her tongue at me.

"Well, finals are coming up…" I said as I looked back out of my window.

"Finals are a month away! You have plenty of time… you're just obsessed with your grades and you're trying to find an excuse to stay at the party for as little time as you possibly can. Stop it!" Amanda said mockingly as she shook her finger at me.

Well, she has a point… I was trying to find an excuse, any excuse. I turn back to my window hoping that tonight would not be a long one.

"What is this guy doing?" Michelle said as she took her right hand to point out the front window. I turned my attention to what she was pointing at.

A Dodge Ram was swerving in and out of lanes.

"Michelle, pull over!" I yelled from the backseat. The term backseat driver took a whole new meaning. The driver of Ram was clearly not thinking clearly since he was now driving on the wrong side of the street.

"Oh great… a drunk driver…" Amanda remarked. "Get off the road, Michelle."

As Michelle tried to pull over into a parking lot to her right; the other vehicle veered to its left.

It happened so quickly. One moment we were heading into a parking lot, the next, Michelle's little Chevrolet Cavalier was almost crushed. Our car slid onto the sidewalk where it slammed into a pole.


I realized I was breathing well and was overall unharmed. Shaken up, but otherwise, unharmed. I looked up to the front seats. Michelle was lying on her airbag, and there was a brief moment of terror. But then I saw her breathe.

Thank goodness.

I then turned to see Amanda. I saw her pushing her airbag off of her. She was fine.

"Amanda, are you ok?" I asked, realizing my voice was shaking.

Amanda looked up and turned to me. "Yeah, I think so."

"Michelle?" I asked. No response. Amanda placed her hand on Michelle's shoulder.

"We need to get help," I said as I tried to open my door. It was jammed. Drat!

"I can't open my door, Amanda. Try yours." Amanda pulled on the handle and her door popped open. Amanda grabbed her purse and unzipped it to find her cell phone.

"Dang," she whispered to herself.

"What's wrong?"

"My cell phone is dead. Do you have yours?" I shook my head.

"I'll be right back," she said as she ran out of the car. My eyes followed her as she traveled in front of the car and looked at the other driver. She then ran back to me.

"The other driver is knocked out cold, although, I won't guarantee it's from the accident."

"Amanda, try to get some help." I yelled, frustrated that I was confined in the backseat unable to do anything.

"Kay," Amanda answered her voice unsteady. Again she traveled in front of the car and stood on the edge of the lane.

What's she doing? Then it dawned on me.

She waved her arms frantically in front of a motorcyclist who was about 500 feet from her. I covered my eyes and heard the bike screech to a halt.

I wanted to open my eyes but afraid of what I might see. What if the bike and her collided? No, don't think like that. I have to look.

I opened my eyes and saw Amanda unharmed. The driver of the motorcycle pulled over to the side, and I saw Amanda speaking to him and pointing at the car. He gave her his cell phone and quickly ran to our car. I couldn't see what he looked like since it was dark and his helmet was still on. He ran to Michelle's door and opened it. He paused and placed one of his arms behind the back of her head and wrapped his other arm underneath her legs. He slowly picked her up and walked to the sidewalk where he placed her gently onto the ground.

"Watch her," his yell was muffled by his helmet as he jogged towards me. Still feeling useless, I tried to make my way to the front passenger door, but I realized I couldn't. The seat in front of me was digging into my foot. Why didn't I notice that before? The pain started to kick in.

"Are you ok? Can you get out?" the motorist asked through the glass.

"I can't get out my door is jammed!" I yelled. I heard sirens in the distance. Well at least Michelle will get the medical attention she needed.

"Try going through the front seats!" he yelled.

"That's another problem," I yelled so he could hear me. "My foot is somehow caught under this seat." I pushed the seat in aggravation.

He ripped open the passenger door in front of me. All I could think was a committed "Good Samaritan." He threw off his helmet to the sidewalk, and his shaggy, dirty blonde hair began to show. Of course I did not notice much of anything else since he unlatched the seat in front of me and put it on the sidewalk.

"Can you walk with that?" he asked, his voice no longer muffled. He gestured to my foot, and my eyes followed his hand. When I saw my foot, all I could see was blood covering it.

That's usually my luck…

"Ow…" I said automatically. Then I shook my head as I tried to make it through the door he sprung opened. When he could tell I was having a hard time, he used his arms to help me out. I hopped to the sidewalk where I saw paramedics surrounding Michelle. She was still breathing but unconscious. I hope she will be ok.

"Here take this…" a voice behind me rang. I turned around and there was my "Good Samaritan" again with cloth in his hand. I then realized that the cloth came from his shirt. He gestured again for me to take it, and so I did. I wrapped it around my foot and I winced.

"Thank you," were my only words I could say. I was about to look up to his face, but then Amanda's voice called for me from behind.

"Chloe! Thank goodness you're alright!" she paused as she looked down at my foot. "I didn't realize your foot was hurt…"

"Oh its fine…" I said, again, automatically. At that moment a paramedic came to me and took off the piece of material I was holding and placed a new clean one on top of my foot. He then ran to get a stretcher.

"I'm fine," I said but he and another paramedic pulled me onto the stretcher. I saw Amanda and the motorist talking to the police who just arrived to the scene. The other driver was pulled out of his car and a cop put a breathalyzer into his mouth. Michelle I could not see so I assumed she was already in one of the ambulances.

On the stretcher, they placed me inside the ambulance, and I could hear the doors shut. Outside the ambulance, I heard Amanda talking to a paramedic about riding with Michelle. I then heard the paramedic asking if there was anyone who would go with me.

"I need to go with Michelle to make sure she's going to be ok," I pinpointed the voice to be Amanda's shaky voice. "I would go with both if I could, but seeing as that's not possibly… I'll go with the one who needs the most care… but I don't want to leave Chloe alone."

"You need to make a decision and fast. They need to be transported to the hospital soon, especially the driver of your vehicle." A voice, who I assumed was a paramedic, said. I heard Amanda sniff to herself.

"I'll go with the other one," said an unfamiliar voice, but then I soon recognized that it was the motorist.

Joy… this completes my night. I am going to be watched over by a complete stranger.

The doors opened again, and I saw him step inside and sat right next to me. For the first time, I actually got to see this stranger clearly for the first time. His blue eyes seemed to pierce through the dark, yet they seemed warm.

Maybe this won't be too bad.

"Why?" was the only word I managed to let out as the paramedic put an IV in me.

He looked at me with a confused look and as if reading my mind he said, "You needed help, and I am not fully done helping you until you reach the hospital." He then smiled, and to my surprise, it showed sincerity.

Dizziness started to kick in and I tried my best to ask him one more thing. "Name?"

"Chris. Yours?" he whispered not wishing to disturb the paramedic, I'm assuming.

"Chloe." I whispered faintly. I knew I was about to go under because of the medication.

"Nice to meet you, Chloe." He paused and smiled, I'm guessing because he saw my eyes closing. "See you soon."

And with that, I gave into the medication, and his face was the last image I saw.

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