What are you?

Pathetic excuse for a face

Whatever looks your way

Reflects like a mirror

Can't you hear?

The sounds of evil laughter

Your sad attempts at friendship

Pitch you further in the dark

You're so unoriginal

I love you and I hate you

Just embarassing yourself

I want to look you in the eyes

I can't stand sight of you

So many years in vain

So many things you've failed

Over and over again, it's rejection

That eats your foolish dreams

Just wake up, wake up

Selling out what was never yours

Keeps you further from the truth

You're so unoriginal

My hands around your throat

Those friends will beat you down

I want to show you the way

But I can't stand the sight of you


You're so annoying, so annoying


Just so boring, just so boring


Time you're destroying, just destroying


So unoriginal