Note: A fluffy one-shot that I may or may not add onto as a series depending on the feedback I get. Both Tristan and Alexander are my characters and may not be stolen. Enjoy!

Theme #1: Secret Kisses

(Tristan only wanted to be kissed by him… Only him… And he wanted to kiss him always.)

Tristan was eight and although younger than his best friend Alexander who was ten he was the better of the two at climbing. They were climbing the trees at the park this time- the sakura were in full bloom and the beautiful pink petals floated around hem as they laughed an ran here and there. When they reached the top of the highest tree- or as high as the two boys could go together- they sat there for a while, playing hand games.

"Hey Tristan, mom was talking about kisses the other day," Alexander began thoughtfully, tapping his chin, with his delicate white finger. "They sounded kind of gross."

"Why?" Tristan asked curiously. "I don't think they're gross. I think they're special."


The child nodded sagely as he dangled his feet slightly, "mom told me that you give them to someone special."

"Really?" Alexander slipped into silence for a few moments as his younger companion watched him curiously. "Well then!" he suddenly smiled mischievously, "would you like to kiss someone Tristan?"

"Me?" Tristan blinked for a few moments, then grinning he replied, "Of course I do!"

"Ooooh! Tell me who! Tell me who! Please?" Alexander leaned forward eagerly.

Tristan watched the older yet smaller boy came nearer to him and suddenly before he knew it he pressed a quick kiss to the boy's lips and whispered with a smile, "you, silly."

Alexander blinked in surprise before suddenly blushing faintly murmured, "that's…ah... nice…"

"Would you like to kiss me too?" Tristan asked hopefully.

"Um…" Alexander was silent for a moment then nodded, "Okay, sure!"

(Tristan still kissed Alexander whenever he could- never thinking it was bad because he felt good about it. After all, who could explain to him it was wrong when it felt so right?)