Note: Sorry about not being able to post anything in a while but I've brought something that may make it up. It's not part of the series of themes but a small ficlet of sorts written for the merry month of may on livejournal.

Tristan was a usual visitor to Alex's house and most of the time he was always in his boyfrend's room. It wasn't as if they spent much time to begin with but whenever they did have the opportunity they took it and spent the time together. It was a beautiful day outside- birds were even chirping just like most sunny days pictured them. Tristan ignored them and took the steps to Alexander's room two at a time. He stopped at the top and listened.


Had he heard right? Or was he just imagini-


No, he definitely wasn't imagining it. That was Alex's voice and- well that tone was only used when they were... No, but Alex wasn't. He would never- would he?

Tristan walked down the hall, coming to a halt just outside the door with the "Do Not Disturb" sign. He listened intently for any other sounds and sure enough he rewarded for his patience. A low guttural moan escaped the crevices beneath the door and left him aching to see. He clicked the door open allowing the sounds to seep throughout the house. The sight that beheld him left him hard.

There was Alex laying on his bed reaching down into his pants, shirt half off and hair completely disheveled. Tristan swallowed hard, feeling his own arousal begging for attention. Violet eyes turned to his and he felt himself grow harder as they pleaded to him. He strode to the bed quickly and discarding his own erection he leaned over to tug Alex's hand out of the way, pulling them over over his head.


He had to stop for a moment and take a deep breath. The sound of his name in that voice was so sweet and painful. He could feel himself throb with anticipation and eagerness. But no, he opened his eyes as he trailed a hand over the chest laid bare before him, first Alex...

He began slowly, taking his time as he fondled his torso and his neck. He reached up and dug his fingers through the strands, taking pure pleasure in the way his lover turned to his touch, whimpering. He moved closer, allowing himself to lie partially on top of him, applying just the right weight to his lower regions.

Another moan escaped those lips and he knew it wouldn't be long before he'd begin to beg for release. He grinned down at him as he slipped a hand down and gave a leisure stroke. The cry that escaped from the room was probably loud enough to reach the outside. Tristan smirked at the thought of a person walking by becoming completely disgusted by the sounds escaping this house. Everyone knew already. The entire neighborhood knew that this house was "unholy" and the devil's new playground. So what did it matter now that they hated them for what they were and what would always be.


His name dying on his lover's lips signaled the pleasure spurting out onto his stomach. He bent his head lower and devoured the mouth offered to him. This... was holy. This was wonderful. This was true beauty. He smiled at the whispered promises Alex was murmuring in his ears. Oh he didn't need to promise him anything, Tristan was sure Alex would pay him back somehow.