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The Cave of the Sun

One sunny day, Zephyr was walking along a dirt path. He saw his friend Ben on the side of the road, crying. Zephyr approached Ben. "Why are you crying, friend?" he asked.

"Mr. Sun wants me to sacrifice my soul because I soaked up too many of his rays," Ben sobbed. "I don't want to die!"

"That's not fair!" Zephyr exclaimed. "We should go talk to Mr. Sun and see if he will settle a compromise."

"But, friend, we don't know where Mr. Sun resides. How ever will we find him?" Ben asked.

Suddenly, an old mage appeared. "I know what you seek,: he said in an ominous voice. "OH the Cave of the Sun."

"What the hell?" Zephyr and Ben asked, confused at the old man's proclamation, but he mysteriously disappeared before the could have him interpret the meaning.

"Friend, we must go to the Cave of the Sun. There, my soul might be spared," Ben said, hope shining in his eyes. "However, he didn't mention where the cave is."

"'Oh, the Cave of the Sun,'" Zephyr repeated. "Oh! O-H. The Cave of the Sun is in Ohio! We must depart immediately if you are to be saved."

They took the soonest flight to Ohio, and hired a stretch limo from the airport to take them to the Cave of the Sun. When they arrived, they kneeled at the alter near the back of the cave.

"O' glorious Mr. Sun, we have come to ask you to please spare my life," Ben pleaded.

"Who dares disturb me?" Mr. Sun demanded.

"Please, Mr. Sun, have merc-" Zephyr began, but he wasn't able to finish, because Mr. Sun had devoured both him and Ben.


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