"Hey, thanks again for letting me borrow your notes," his voice echoed off the cement walls of the hallway as they walked out of his room, pausing as he locked his door. "Even though it might be hard to decipher them, seeing as they're covered in doodles."

"That's what you get for trolling around on your computer during class instead of paying attention to the lecturer. The doodles are just a bonus," she smirked, glancing up as a male clad only in a bath towel walked out of the communal shower room.

"Heeey, remember what I told you-"

"Only look at girls, because you want to have a threesome with two girls, not with a guy and a girl."


"Why the hell is it every college boy's fantasy to get laid? Or even better, have a threesome?" She sighed briefly and rolled her eyes, knowing the answer already. He had said the same answer now for three years.

"Because it's college, baby!" He threw his arms up in the air and made a pelvic thrust, causing her to snicker and push him into the nearest wall.

She smiled a Mona Lisa smile, twirling her blue hair with one finger. She could still remember how they had met three years ago. She had been a freshman and new to campus, her different habits making it difficult to be befriended by the normal crowd. He was a transfer student from a community college, yet he also didn't know anyone at the new, bigger university.

"Nice hair."

She spun around in her seat, surprised to see someone actually talking to her of their own free will. Neon green fingernails tapped the edge of her desk in slight agitation as she looked up into cerulean blue smiling eyes. She quirked an eyebrow and pushed a strand of bright pink hair behind her ear.

"Mind if I sit with you?"

"Sure. I promise I don't bite…hard," she smiled shyly.

He flopped down beside her, brushing a hand through his mahogany colored hair, still wet from a shower. Her eyes strayed on his muscular arms and tank top. He glanced over at her and smiled again.

"Checking me out?"

"What's a big, burly, muscled guy like you doing with someone like me?" She looked pointedly down at her own ensemble of tennis shoes, lime green and black striped tights covered with a pair of extremely holey jeans, ripped tank top, and a fishnet shirt to cover it all.

"I saw your bag."

"Oh." Her bag with the drawing of Ed from Cowboy Bebop she'd worked on that summer lay innocently on the floor next to her.

"Nice to know there's another Bebop fan on this campus," he swung up and showed his own bag with its own character from Cowboy Bebop on it. "Wanna grab some eats after class?"

"Sure. Why not."

"What are you doing tomorrow?"

She glanced up at him briefly, "What do you think?"

"Oh, I don't know, watching a movie with me followed by some video games?"

She chuckled. "You know me too well."

He did know her too well. Last weekend had proved it. It had been a celebration, of sorts, that they'd gone to together. Their friends always had an excuse to hold a small party with enough alcohol to intoxicate a cow. She'd stuck to cider, knowing the beer would go through quickly. She'd even played beer pong with her cider, which her partner had enjoyed immensely because she didn't share her cider with many people.

It had been the beer pong, she had decided, which had gotten her drunk. But she didn't stop there, oh no sirree. After playing a couple games, she sat down on the couch and played Mortal Kombat with him. She had played even worse than usual, laughing the entire time. He had been drunk as well though, so he played almost as horribly.

They stumbled into his dorm's lobby later, after waiting for the deskie to be done for the evening. Even drunk she didn't want to be a hassle to anyone. They reached his room, opened the door, and got ready for bed. He pulled out his futon so they both could sleep on it. They always liked to sleep together when they spent the night at each others dorm rooms. More often than not, they spent the night in his room because he didn't have a roommate. She had a roommate, so they could only spend the night when she was gone for the weekend.

They'd reached the door by then, pulling her out of her memories. He leaned against the wall and pulled her up next to him for a hug. She remembered that night.

Lips brushed together, harder then, tongues battling for dominance. His hands roamed up and down her back as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Did he remember, too? They had both been so drunk. She nibbled on her lip in thought, knowing he was looking her in the face. She looked up, seeing him there. Her favorite line of Imogen Heap's song "The moment I said it" ran through her mind.

No hesitation.

"Do you, do you remember last weekend at all?" She stopped nibbling her lip for a moment as the words blurted out of her mouth.

His face put on a serious look, "Yeah, I remember."

"Did we…?"

"No, but it was close. In the end we were both just too drunk."

Good, then her virginity which she had fought proudly to keep over the years was still intact. He looked at her face, so serious in the moonlight shining through the glass door. She hated how this talk was so inevitable. She'd loved him by the end of freshman year. Watching him go through girls was so difficult to do; knowing inside her heart was ripping and tearing.

"Why did we do it?" His almost innocent-sounding question was the arrow that pierced the final piece of her shattered heart.

"We were drunk? We were harboring secret lusts for each other? I don't know!" She looked away, hands curling up into fists inside her coat.

He grunted.

No hesitation.

"What do you want?" The question left, unbidden, from the depths of her. She knew his answer.

"I…I don't know what I want," he whispered.

A tear somehow found its way down her cheek. She nodded and walked out the door, wind spiraling with snow blew her hair and jacket out to the side. She continued her walk slowly, hope falling away from her. She knew later he would call her or i.m. her. They would apologize and go back to what they usually were. Last weekend, just like last month, was only a memory to be repressed. Maybe someday he would know what he wanted.

She knew he was standing at the door watching her, but only in movies would he run after her as she walked away.

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