The text message battle begins
as one of us lots off instant messaging.
It's silly, but that's what late Saturday nights are for.
Smiles never to be seen;
dreams postponed until naptime.

I fall asleep shortly after beginning.
This battle wears me out.
I hope he doesn't mind.
We have forever to discuss and debate
theories vs. hypotheses;
grammar vs. meaning.

I'm not waking up to a sun beginning.
Those early birds can eat the bookworms beneath the apple trees.
I'll just dream of sweet words:
Good morning, beautiful
I love you, too.

I'm waking up to a buzzing of life going-leaving.
It's alright because I have my panaceas stored up.
I'll be fine during the
hot summer days and
lazy dreams disturbed by light.

I'll stay here in a single state of mind.
No up and down battles for me.
I'll sleep through a war, if I have to.
The candles light up a world I've always known:
Secrets I might never know until some ending is reached.