A/N: Lyrics are from Jesse McCartney's "Tell Her", I do not own Plato, Harry Potter and Confucius.

This story is a little different from the usual one-shots that I write as it is more sentimental and with more breaks.

I swept the mop across the floor, occasionally swerving right and left to the beat of the music. Bored of mopping the huge bathroom which was three times the size of my bedroom, I started to sing along to the song currently being blasted into my ears.

Let's just say that when you are destroying your eardrums, mutilating the song and twirling around like nobody's business, you miss out on signs of other people's presence.

I danced deeper into the bathroom, following the swirling pattern of the tiles. Reaching the portion of the song with a lower pitch, I tried to deepen my voice, already mentally cringing and expecting the sound of slaughtered pig to be emitted. Instead, a perfect baritone filled the empty bathroom.

I can't believe
Her hold on me
It's something indescribable
I know she knows
But won't you please

I grinned to myself and did an awkward ballet pirouette, holding the poor mop as my unwilling partner. Twirling and finally ending with a flourish, I curtsied.

I always knew that I was good, but not this jaw-dropping good. Literally.

He stared at me open-mouthed, scanning me up and down. My eyes widened and I frantically focused my eyes on his head, feeling the tell-tale blush staining my cheeks. He did not seem to get the clue till I dropped the mop and closed my eyes with my hands.

"I swear I did not see anything!"

There was a momentary pause before he started cursing and trying to zip up his pants. He grunted and I took that as a cue that all was clear. Peeping through a crack between my fingers, I saw him watched him wash his hands.

Phew! That was close.

He turned around to glare at me and brushed past me rudely. He was trying to cover up his embarrassment but the faint pink blush on his face gave him away.

I confess. I sniggered.

I ran up the very long driveway, panting and struggling all the way to the top. I knew that I should not have bluffed my way through all those Physical Education lessons. When I finally stumbled to the top of the hill, I could tell that my day was going to go further downhill – no pun intended.

It was not my fault that the blending machine exploded on me and the blended glob smacked into the face of my manager. My excuse that it was good facial mask did not help either.

He stood on the porch, leaning against the huge oak doors nonchalantly. Upon seeing my flustered entrance, he glanced at his watch and smirked.

"Well…isn't someone late," he drawled.


"By a grand total of fifteen minutes and thirty-five seconds."

I bit my lips and narrowed my eyes at him threateningly. He inclined his head to the left and lifted his eyebrow at me challengingly.


"Just go trim the bushes and plants around the pool now."

With that, he graced me once again with his infuriating smirk before turning on his heel and entered the house. I trudged in after him and dumped my backpack in the storeroom. Grabbing the shears, I searched for the pool.

Not that it was hard to find at all, it was practically glistening in the sunlight. I opened the glass door and felt a slight breeze, immediately feeling myself relax. I wandered to a spot of sunlight and sat down.

It was so nice…so comfortable…

I woke up when an insane amount of water splashed onto my face. I shot forward and swiped the cool water off my face. I looked around for the culprit who was about to find himself desperately clawing for his last breath.

There was no one.

I wandered searchingly to the edge of the pool, trying to look to the other side. I guess I should change my glasses soon since I failed to notice the extremely incriminating stream of bubbles rising to the surface of the pool.

A hand shot out of the pool and grabbed my ankles. I would like to think that I executed some cool kung fu move and somersaulted out of reach. But, I did the only thing a normal girl knew how to do at such moments.

I screamed.

Bad move.

I pummeled into the pool and my scream was cut short by the bucketful of water that gushed down my throat. An arm wrapped around my waist and brought me up to surface. When I finally caught my breath and coughed the water out of my lungs, I registered the tingling sensation around my waist.

I swerved around and glared at him accusingly. He grinned at me guiltily but proceeded to dive back into the pool, bringing me down with him.

I seriously hate him.

"So…you're arranging the books in the library today."

I nodded silently, looking down at the floor, and made a move to walk away. Not two steps later, he grabbed my arm gently and turned me towards him.

"Are you okay? You're too quiet today."

I nodded tiredly and tried to mask a yawn behind a grin. Needless to say, I looked like a gaping hippo. Seeing one of my typical little weird actions apparently comforted him and he let go of me.

His library was enormous. He had everything from Confucius to Harry Potter. I even found Plato in Greek, Latin, English and Chinese. Needless to say, it was heaven for a nerd a.k.a. yours truly.

My initial enthusiasm died down as the tiny words started to take a toll on my already impaired eyes. Coupled with the tiredness from working the night shift at the local café and making final editing to my scholarship application, the last thing I saw a mess of black dots before I fell asleep.

The first thing I realized when I woke up was that it was too comfortable to be a table. There is also this unidentified thing that I am hugging…

My gasp was muffled when he pulled me closer to him and fitted me snugly in his arms. Releasing an indignant squeak at the closeness to him, I tried to break out of his embrace. But his arms were firmly attached to me like a little boy hugging his favorite teddy bear.

Stopping my fruitless attempt at escape, I relaxed and laid my cheek on his chest. I could feel his heartbeat and felt it beat just a little faster. I looked up at his seemingly asleep face. A smile worked its way across his lips despite his attempt to suppress it. I poked him in the side and he jerked.

Ha! He's ticklish.

I jabbed at a few strategic spots and I could tell he was trying to restrain his need to burst out laughing from the way his arms tightened around me. Not that I mind…

He could not bear it any longer and laughed outright.

"Hey there, sleeping beauty."

He rubbed his face into my hair and settled his chin on top of my head. I jabbed him and demanded that he release me. Then I shot up and rolled off the bed in a hurry.

"Crap! What's today's date! I haven't submitted my application yet!"

He grabbed me by my shoulders and calmed me down.

"What application?"

"My scholarship application!"

When I told him the name of the scholarship, a weird expression crossed his face and he looked at me strangely.

"It isn't due till next week."

I released a deep breath and relaxed. In my stress and then, relief, I failed to realize how he had so readily known the deadline for the scholarship application.

A few months later…

I walked past the long corridor leading to the study, looking for him before I head for home. When I reached out to open the door, I heard raised voices in the study.

"How are the results for your scholarship applications, Matthew?"

"I got it."

"Well done. Remember to remind me of the date for your award ceremony."

"Dad, I'm not accepting it."

There was a long pause, before a loud smack of flesh against wood erupted from within the room.

"Why not?!"

"I know someone who needs it more than I do. Someone who wants it more than I do."

Instinctively recognizing that as the end of the conversation, I backed away quickly before either of them opened the door.

I waited in the front row of the audience for my name to be announced. Somehow, I could not get rid of the feeling that someone was staring at me. When I received my scholarship award on stage, I took a moment to search the crowd. A familiar face caught my eyes and he was gazing at me with a small smile on his face. As I walked down the stage slowly, our eyes caught and he looked away hastily.

At the end of the entire ceremony, I searched the crowd for him. But, he had left.

I know how it feels
To wake up without her
Lying here all alone
Just thinking about her

I never knew I had it in me

I pushed open the door to his room slowly. Peering over the door, I spotted him lying on his bed. I crept in and stood silently beside his bed. He had his ipod plugged in and was listening to the music with his eyes closed.

A smile brushed past my lips as I contemplated my next move. He was still blissfully unaware of my presence. Bending down, I touched my lips against his and brushed them gently across.

His eyes shot open and he bolted up, lost for a moment before he registered me. I fluttered my fingers.

"Hey there, sleeping beauty!"

He gaped at me for a moment, touched his lips in wonder before launching himself at me.