I'm actually posting this poem in a story I'm working on, but thought I'd toss it out there for other poets to read and give input. I'm not normally a poet... I just sort of... improvise, but this one sort of touched me in a funny way. S o I'm curious what seasoned poets would say.

Our Plea

Eyes like emeralds, sparkling in Sonlight

Watching my night, sharing my plight

Sharing and knowing and feeling my fright

Ceasing her dance and singing in might

Singing and weeping in change and in fright,

Sorrows in Glory, Darkness of worry

Worldly and feeble and heart-wrenching story

Floating to knees, pouring her pleas

An angel to send, an angel descend

Begging an angel, a healer to mend

Send me an Angel, my mother, my friend

Send me an Angel

An angel and friend