first taste,
it was like fire,
an instant chemistry,
tempting and alluring,
yet so damn good.
so she came back for more,
and more,
and more.

the time of her life,
or so she thought.
the taste of his lips,
the look in his eyes,
made her feel wanted,
it was love,
but not the true kind.

it had to happen.
the fire had simmered,
leaving her cold.
move from his lips,
to below his hips,
and listen to her heart race,
an old sensation,
tempting and alluring,
yet somehow not as good.
because she wasn't prepared,
for the pain.
still she came back for more,
and more,
and more.
though she couldn't tell you why.

wrapped around his finger,
a puppet,
a doll.
every kiss a false promise,
every late night a lie.
still she took it,
and believed.
because he was her drug,
her obsession,
ecstasy and pain,
her own distorted reality.
and too well he knew,
so he lied.
and that's when it got ugly.

rock bottom,
it's not pretty.
all her fault.
that's what he said,
that's why he left.
liar and she knows it,
yet it makes no difference.
take a look in the mirror,
she's a mess,
a travesty,
alone and hurt,
and she'll never be the same,
scarred for life,
forever a shadow of herself.

it seems hopeless.
still she drifts through life,
a figment of who she used to be.
though sometimes she laughs,
it's so insane,
to think of it all,
and what she became,
all for a boy,
with a kiss like cocaine.