It seemed that as far as Dee was concerned a little exposure went a long way, she needed to stay out of the overly watchful eye of others. She had a certain knack for attracting the attention of people who she really didn't want seeing her.

Tonight was a rainy, the overcast clouds seemed to dip down and scrap across the tops of the buildings even. On the roof of this hospital Dee could stand under the large decorative cover and be just out of the rain. The wind still passed under and whipped through her hair every once in a while.

The dark curls swayed and bounced and hit her in the face some of the time as she just stood and smoked her cigarette. The Angel of Death had little to worry about as far as lung cancer was concerned, but she still took some comfort in smoking, the smell more than the feeling it brought her.

She polished off a long thin cigarette to the point where the rain had pretty much ended its run and let it fly from the rooftop with a sigh. As she reached for the next one she felt her cell phone ring, she slipped the Bluetooth ear piece on under her hair and then answered, "Go ahead."

The voice on the other end was chipper, a young girl with a British Accent, "Yeah I thought you said that they had good food in this city…"

"They do Madeleine," Dee said softly, "You just have to know where to look."

Madeleine's voice on the other end of the phone seemed louder suddenly, "But it seems to all be Mexican," she paused, "I don't like Mexican."

"Have you tried Soul Food?" Dee asked.

"What's that?"

"For a person who doesn't have to actually eat since they're not even alive you're picky as Hell," Dee quipped.

"You're picky about those damned cigarettes of yours and you don't even have to breathe…" Madeleine retorted.

Dee nodded, "Alright, you win this one," she fumbled for a cigarette now that she had been reminded, "But let's just try and go out and get something together, I can be back there in a few minutes…"

"I'm starved, just bloody teleport here!" Madeleine said.

"I would but I'm not that far along yet."

"How much of your power would you say has returned?" now she could hear Madeleine tapping on a table or something.

"I would have hoped it'd be about twenty five to forty percent," Dee sighed, "But it feels more like about ten…"

"But considering your rank and the amount of power you have, you're still going to be strong."

Dee sighed again, "Its just that I miss some things…"

Madeleine laughed, "Don't worry, you'll be back soon enough," she paused, "Think I'm going to watch something on the telly, hurry and get back."

Dee smiled, "Alright, Maddy," the phone clicked as she hung up and just as she was reaching for the ear piece there was a flash of lightening and then an impact. Something hit her hard in the middle knocking her into the air and through the large covered atrium of the hospital. Her body flipped and she lost the Bluetooth in the night.

Rain pelted her as she rolled through the air and instinctively she opened her huge white wings and brought herself into a dive to pick up speed before swooping back up. She searched around the skies for the culprit of the hit, she'd seen a form only briefly before being the impact.

Off in the distance she heard a strange voice, "You should have expected this, bitch!" the voice sounded almost like two voices at once.

Dee made back and flew straight for him, her arms out at her sides, "What kind of person just flies into someone like that?"

There was a bout of laugher, "Why I do of course!"

Dee slammed into him from the side and as she did she was met with force on her end. The two of them tumbled down through the rain rolling about in the air. As she took her punches at him her fists burned red hot with flames, one of the other descriptions she had as the Angel of Death was the Angel of Fire and Destruction. She could control most fire with just a thought, Pyrokenesis.

Her opponent didn't seem phased from what she could see, he kept on swinging back, one of them landed square in her eye and she winced, they were hard hits for a regular Angel or Demon to be doing.

The two of them were nearing the ground and when Dee looked back the other creature kicked off of her knocking her down into the top of a small fast food joint, she landed back first laying there, her opponent landed standing over her, she could see now that it was the tall lanky man she'd come across earlier.

He smiled down at her as he put a hang around her neck, his coat was open and his chest was vacant of any other kind of covering. There was a large tattoo covering most of his chest, "This is disappointing," he said, "The new Angel of Death…I hope you fuck better than you fight, then maybe you could at least give me something to leave here with..."

Dee's hand went down to the gun at her side, she kept it more often for confrontations with Humans but it would buy her some time here, "If you want me so bad come take me…" she opened fire hitting him in the face, neck and chest several times. He loosened up and she got her feet back and kicked him up off of her.

The lanky man flew back up into the sky, his wings were black she could tell now, judging by the tattoo and the wings she could tell who she was dealing with, "One of Satan's Elite Guard? Hm you're not my type anyway."

He was writhing in pain, clawing at his wounds, "You insolent whore, what've you done to me?"

"The bullets are iron and have a hollow Holy Water tip," Dee said, "They'd kill a bottom feeder demon, but for big shots like you I'd just expect there to be a little stinging."

"Hm, it would seem you are prepared…" he said.

"Yeah and if you want to wait around I'll have half of Heaven down here to kick the shit out of you for breaking the treaty…" she paused for a moment to remember the exact line, "Those in Satan's Elite guard are strictly prohibited from attacking any member of the six Arch Angels…the war is over, and has been for some time now."

"You know your treaty little girl," he said.

"I'm the keeper of all contracts in Heaven and Hell."

"And it would seem you live up to it, Death," now the lanky man sighed, "But my attack was only to see if you were who you seemed to be, this isn't a military action, no we've got our hands too full in Hell for that."

"Hands full in Hell," Dee repeated, "What's going on?"

The lanky man folded his arms, his pain seemed to have subsided now, "There's a new war brewing, and before long it might spread back to Heaven…rival factions in Hell."

"Why hadn't God notified us?" Dee asked.

The lanky man smiled, "He has his way of doing that from time to time."

"And who might you be?" she asked.

"Asmodeus the Lustful," he answered.

"Makes sense," Dee started to pace around, "So do you have the proof you need?"

He nodded, "The proof is sufficient…"

She holstered her gun, "Then leave me be," as she said this he just nodded and vanished in a flash of light. She paused to rub what she thought was rain away from her face, when she looked down at her hand she could see traces of red, blood. "I've got to get my powers back…" Dee hunched her back over and opened her wings shaking them dry as best she could before taking off again to fly off into the night.