Out of Focus

He watched her, amused, as she tried in vain to reach the stars. She said, "I'll get them one day. One day I'm going to dance beneath them, far away; & you're coming with me." He laughed. It made her laugh. She didn't know why. (drinking on a roof)
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Micky. My Minja.
I wrote this with the mindset that the characters are just friends, but if you read it and get a romantic vibe then that's cool too. Interpret it however you like… There was supposed to be some sort of moral message in here, somewhere. But I don't know what it is; 'getting drunk makes you feel good for a while'? Lol, na. Probably something more along the lines of 'we all need a friend'. Doesn't it just make you want to break out into song? No? Me neither. -sigh-

The twinkling lights of the city were reflected in her glassy eyes, slightly blurred and out of focus. The whole town stretched out before them, and he watched her, amused, as she tried in vain to reach the stars sitting on the horizon.

"You're not going to get them," he informed her.

"Shut up!" she said passionately. Maybe just a little louder than was necessary. "I will get them one day. One day I'm going to be dancing underneath them, far away from this hole -"

He cut her off. "It's not that bad here."

She stared at him for a few moments. Her hair fell over her shoulder, and she clumsily brushed it away. "Of course not. You're here." He smiled. She titled her chin up in a defiant way. "That's why you're coming with me."

He laughed. It made her laugh. She didn't know why. She was being perfectly serious. He stopped laughing and smiled at her. "And where are we going?"

"Anywhere. Away." She fell backwards dramatically. He would have gone to catch her if his reflexes weren't quite as delayed. Instead he just watched her, the corners of his lips curled up in the beginnings of a smile. When she began to speak he looked out to the city again. "Do you ever feel completely insignificant?"

He glanced back at her. Her fringe was covering one of her eyes. "Sometimes."

She blew her fringe away, blinking. "No, I mean like – like there's a whole massive universe out there, right? And probably billions more universes out there past that…and here you are, just this tiny little blip on the radar of infinity. I mean…think about it. It's doubtful that we'll make a lasting impression on the human race. And even if we do, it doesn't really matter, because we'll die out eventually anyway and we just end up being forgotten, in the end…"

He lay down beside her. "You think too much. The whole point of this is to not think."

He grabbed a can of Jim Beam from the bag beside him and passed it to her. She took it gratefully, clicked it open and took a mouthful, both loving and hating the sensation of it sliding down her throat. It was slowly starting to feel familiar to her. She envied how casual and unaffected he was by it.

"Do you ever worry?" She sounded sleepy.

He sounded wide awake. "Oh yeah, sometimes, when I feel like it," he replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"Shut up! I meant, do you ever worry about yourself?"

He propped himself up on one elbow. He looked from her to the town and back again. "Sometimes."

"Me too," she said quietly. She turned her head and caught his eye. They were silent for a few moments, until she rolled over so she was lying on her stomach and had her chin resting on his shoulder and said, "You know what would be piss funny?"

She smelt like a barrel of apples had had an affair with a bottle of gin. "What?" He gently tapped her head, and she got the hint and rolled over again so she had the back of her head instead of her chin on his shoulder.

"If it turned out these people weren't actually on holiday…and they came home…" she couldn't even finish her sentence before she had a giggling fit.

He let her words sink in, and started to laugh. "Oh, I would piss myself. That would be fucking hilarious."

They laughed so hard she started to cry, and then when they finally calmed themselves down she sat up and put both her hands on his chest. "Oh my God. What would you do if they were home?"

"They're not home. They would have come out by now," he assured her. "They would have called the cops."

"What if they didn't hear us?"

He snorted. "You'd have to be fucking deaf not to hear us. Especially how it echoes here."

"Yeah…" she tilted her head to the side and giggled, sort of to herself. "It'd be so funny if they came home…"

"I'd have to use my kung-fu skills to escape." If she didn't know him better she would have believed that he was being serious, the way he said it.

They smiled at each other, and he stood up. He was a bit unsteady on his feet, and a jolt of panic caused her to reach out to him, far too slowly to do anything of much help, as he stumbled over towards the gutter of the roof. He laughed at her gasp, and started hopping around once he'd regained his balance, pulling stereotypical karate moves from cheesy movies. She laughed, the bubbly sound mingling with his supposedly-authentic karate sound effects.

"You're so cool," she said, partly sarcastically.

"I know," he grinned like a Cheshire Cat. "I get that a lot."

She laughed, and watched him as he skipped back over to her with exaggerated-girly movements. He stooped down and grabbed her half-emptied can from where it sat on the roof. He went to take a sip, but she cried out and stopped him. "A toast!"

He looked at her quizzically, and waited for her to grab a new can and stand up. "To what?"

She bit her bottom lip in concentration as she opened her can. "To…us…for surviving. To this year...for all the opportunities we have. To…life."

"To life. It may be pretty shitty sometimes, but it's better than nothing."

She laughed loudly. "Very poetic; very inspiring."

"What can I say?" he winked at her. "I have a way with words."

"This from the boy who refused to do English Lit with me."

He raised his middle finger at her. "Shut up."

She mocked offence for a few seconds, before holding her drink out towards him. "To you."

He copied her actions. "To you."

They drank at the same time, and wandered lazily forwards to meet in the middle of her neighbor's roof. He opened his arms, and she half fell into the hug. He was just taller than her, so she turned her head and rested her head on his chest, and smiled out at the glittering world below them.

"Thank-you," she murmured.

"For what?" he asked.

"I dunno…everything. Everything you've helped me with. Listening to me. Talking to me. Being there for me."

He squeezed her, and she laughed and stumbled backwards as he tickled her side. "That's what I'm here for." He smiled at her before finishing the remains of the can he held.

She did the same, and slowly, awkwardly sat back down. "Are you scared?"

He sat down beside her. "Not so much, anymore," he said truthfully.

She glanced at him. "How come?"

"Dunno." He shrugged. "Just aren't. Maybe you have something to do with it." He smiled sweetly.

She laughed and rested her head on his shoulder. "One day…one day everything will be okay. One day things will start going our way."

He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. "One day…" he repeated. They fell back into a comfortable silence, broken only by the occasional screeching of brakes or twittering of a bird. "Hey…you wanna know something cool?"

Her eyes were closed. She was smiling. "What?"

"Our hair's the same colour," he informed her.

"What?" she opened her eyes and sat up. She grabbed a few strands of her dead-straight brunette hair and held it up to his curls. "Hey, you're right!" She laughed. He grinned. "That's really cool…" She moved back around so she was looking out at the town again, and sighed contently. "You wanna know something else cool?"


"I reckon this almost beats being in a mosh pit." He opened his mouth, but she cut him off, repeating, "Almost."

He watched her closely, wondering how much of what she said was really just the alcohol talking. He decided it didn't matter, in the end. "You know what? I actually sorta agree with you." He smiled at her.

She held his hand. "God I love you," she said, laughing for no particular reason.

He let a few seconds pass before replying. It didn't worry her. "Love you too."

She let go of his hand. They sat side by side in a comfortable silence, the twinkling lights from the city beneath them reflected in their glassy, out of focus eyes.