My crush is gay

I like this boy. I like him a lot. I think he's very cute and very hot. He's a month younger than me but that doesn't matter. Not that much at least. I've known him since I was ten. We've always competed for the top spot in class when we were younger but our grades have dropped since then. We share some secrets and I like it when he talks to me to reminisce about our childhood days because it makes me feel close to him.

He has a friend though I can't really say they're best friends since they argue a lot. I hate his friend. His friend is an egoistical Kouros who thinks of nothing but money and sex. I do not like him. But I'm nice to him because my crush would have wanted it anyway.

How did I miss it anyway? I wonder sometimes as I lie in bed and think about him. My crush does not go anywhere without this friend of his. They were co-assistant prefects and they worked together a lot. They do all their group projects together. Free periods see them sitting together. Sometimes, I sit with them and I know that they're talking about girls.

Sure they argue everyday. But they make up easily as if their hearts weren't in the arguments anyway and as if they can't stand being apart from the other. I looked closer and began to see the stolen glances. I saw them brushing their hands together on more than one occasion when they thought no one was looking. All the egoistical crap that spilled from my crush's friend's mouth would be countered with a smack to the back of his head. No one noticed the small smile exchanged between them. As if they were saying: Hey, don't be so cocky. You can't leave me behind.

When we camped out in the classroom, they slept in the same classroom under the same "tent" which they made together by pulling a blanket over a few tables and chairs like they were playing house.

They walk closer to each other than necessary. And all the jokes about girls are awkward, as if they don't really like talking about it. It took me awhile to realize but one day, I noticed him practically sitting in my crush's lap. Then I had to admit it. My crush is gay.

I don't know why my crush picked that boy though, I could think of many other boys who would be better for him. But who am I to stand in their way?

They know I know. And they know I won't tell. I'll just smack them when they get too obvious and call them gay and every one will laugh.

I think I kinda like it though. My crush is gay. And well, I'm fine with that.