I miss the breath of springs first dawn, so crisp upon my scales
I long for tastes of honeyed air, it's sweetness never fails.
I yearn for sky beneath my wings, all other pleasure pails
But what I need beyond it all, is someone to be true.

I love the summers passioned flames awash across my soul.
I desire nights where each embrace envelops me in whole.
I burn for times when meetings fair take their eventful toll.
But what my heart could really use, is someone to be true.

I taste the ripeness in the fall, in trees, in life, in air.
I savor moments, lasting long, not quite to sweet to bear.
I sample treats, earthly delights, with hardly any care.
But what would fill me most of all, is someone to be true.

I lounge in winter's icy folds, and let them fill my mind.
I rest in dunes of gentle white and leave the world behind.
I dream of seasons passing by, but cold is all I find.
For lacking someone to be true, winter is my home.