Finding Love Through Scabs

By Always Wandering

Aw shucks. I missed the train, AGAIN. My friends are so going to kill me for being almost an hour late. Can I help it if all of my stuff happened to miraculously disappear just when I needed them? Searching through my jungle of a room took half an hour, and then wearing my shoes took another half. Don't ask me how.

Another 10 more minutes till the next train arrives. Smoothing down my pants (No skirts, never skirts!) I plunked down onto a bench and waited impatiently. My knee started to itch. Instinctively, I reached a hand down to scratch it- and yelped in pain in the process. Oh I forgot. Darn scab, glowing an angry red. How I got it, lets just say I wasn't the most graceful person around.

It was already healing, that was why it was itching. I glared at it, red and purplish, tapping my nails against the hard surface. Some parts were already peeling, and what could I do? I couldn't stop my fingers from speeding up the process. A small piece of brown-black scab came off free in my fingers. I peered at it, intrigued, then continued with newfound vigor.

It was then that I heard a non-too-subtle cough from beside me. My attention broken, I looked up in annoyance at the person who distracted me. And met a pair of brown eyes, currently looking into mine with disgust. I could feel myself turning red out of embarrassment from being caught doing something icky. But by the way he looked at me, it was almost as if he saw me adjusting my underwear or something. Which just further aggravated my already-bad mood.

"Why are you looking at me like that for?" I broke the silence.

"…Because you were being disgusting?" He smirked, answering with a question just to irritate me.

"Well then, that's none of your business is it," Infuriating man. "I do whatever I like. You don't like it? Move away then." was my casual reply.

"No, you move away. I was here first." Childish, much?

I decided to just ignore him, adamantly picking at my scab just because I knew it would annoy him. My nail scraped against a particularly stubborn edge, carefully pulling it aside when a familiar deep voice pierced through my concentration.

"Could you just stop that?"

Honestly, I didn't expect that sudden outburst, that it startled me so much that I ended up exerting too much force on that large scab. The good news was that the scab was finally dislodged. Bad news? It was bleeding again. And it hurt pretty badly.

I winced and my mouth opened in a silent scream, eyes squinted shut, fists clenched. A small trickle of red liquid started gathering at the open wound, but I didn't notice it until a warm hand covered my knee with a piece of tissue, carefully wiping up the line of blood before pressing firmly to staunch the flow. My heart skipped a beat at the contact, finally opening my eyes to meet the cool brown eyes of my aggravator.

"You! I blame you for this-owww!"

"Well if you weren't being disgusting I wouldn't have lost it and startled you. So you had what's coming to you." He had the audacity to smirk, infuriating man.

"Why you—Anyway, I don't find it disgusting, you were just being too uptight! So go away Mr. Prim and Proper!" I retorted huffily, while blowing air onto the angry red wound.

Well he did look prim and proper, with his hair carefully styled and not a hair out of place, his long sleeved shirt crisp and wrinkle free, down to his jeans that fit rather well to his delectable looking butt. (Not that I thought that! That was my evil brain doing the thinking.) I couldn't picture him tripping like I always do, or making blunders. Perfect, every part of him.

I detested that type of person.

"Like I said, you are being a menace. To repeat myself because you are too dim witted to get my message the first time, I. Was. Here. First."

Suddenly exasperated, I huffed and hobbled away, "Fine. Goodbye, jerk." All the while holding the piece of tissue to my knee, knowing I probably looked like an idiot bending halfway with my hand on my knee.

All the while feeling his gaze boring into my back. And knowing there would be a ill-disguised smile on his lips. Ass.

5 days later

I slumped down onto the bench, checking the time. There was still 6 more minutes left before the train arrived. The wound on my knee had healed over nicely, leaving a pale pink scar behind. Abruptly I thought of that guy I met days ago, and my eyes drifted over to the spot we had our conversation.

Why was I thinking of that irritating man? I must be out of my mind.

Reaching my hand into my bag to retrieve my mp3, I let out an involuntary gasp of pain when my arm brushed against my bag strap. Yep, I fell two days ago. Thus I was now sporting a newly formed scab on my arm and another one on the elbow.

"You seem to have the knack of injuring yourself huh." A baritone voice sounded from behind me.

I whirled around, not at all surprised to see HIM.

"Why do I have the fortune to meet you again, I wonder, just my luck I guess? Bad luck, that is." If anything, his grin just grew. "Well you don't have to worry about me peeling my scabs today; I have no intention of making them bleed again."

"That's good to hear; now I can sit next to you without being put off." Wait—what?

"What would you want to sit next to me for? Crazy man."

I started edging away, for all I know he could be a demented stalker.

"So we could talk of course. What else?" He replied nonchalantly, giving me a puzzled look.

What's the harm? Thus I relaxed and started opening up to have a conversation with a complete stranger. I wasn't very stable in the mind in the first place anyway.

I found out he was on his way to visit his mother (his parents were divorced) and he had to dress up hence his Prim and Proper image); he found out I was extremely susceptible to walking into walls or tripping over my shoes. He found out my name was Wendy, I found out his was Eric. We laughed and continued our conversation until we reached our respective stops.

He wasn't bad after all.

Alas, I didn't manage to get his number so we lost contact.

A Week Later

I took a deep breath and ran into the closing door of the train. I made it! At least I wasn't going to be late today.

I sighed in relief and took a seat, only to realize a grinning face of Eric was right beside me.

"So we meet again, my fair Wendy."

It took me awhile to respond, my heart palpitating at his words. I was just glad to see him again, even though we'd only knew each other for a day. And frankly, I missed him. Strange isn't it.

Then I looked at his ensemble and noticed he wasn't wearing his usual long sleeved shirts or jeans—he wore a simple t-shirt and jersey shorts, and still managed to look good. Then I spotted something strange. For his entire clean and crisp image, he had a rather large brown scab on his right knee. Looking at his arms, he had another wound on his elbow too!

He noticed my staring, and jerked me out of my thoughts "Well I fell when I was looking at you, not caring where I walked. And tripped over a piece of cable wire." He said it almost accusingly, which made me even more nervous and apprehensive.

It registered in my mind that he sounded so clichéd, but I couldn't care less.

"Sooo. Someone is an accident prone Dumbo too?" I bit back a smile.

He looked so cute when he blushed.

"Yeah I was having too much fun teasing you. Fact is, I love peeling scabs." He said this with a straight face, but I knew he was keeping his laughter in.

"Just one thing. If you like doing that, then why were you so disgusted when I did that?" I asked, confused, blushing.

Eric crooked a smile and swooped a kiss on my lips.

"I just wanted you to notice me."

Sorry if it seems rushed!
I started this story weeks ago, but was too lazy to finish so I kept procrastinating until today. Finally finished at 2.14am(yawn)
;) Sorry I know my grammar sucks.

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