Memories To Be Remembered

Preshes memories
Of times to be remembered
And memories
Not to be forgotten
Of the times we shared
As you taught
Me things
Never to be forgot
As the sweet cries and kisses
Filled the night
As you made
Everything all right
Erasing the harshness of the day
As you touched me in the special way
Making me forget all but you
And the things you were about to do
Creating memories
I'll never forget
And Memories
I'll never regret
For you showed me
That all love
Doesn't hurt
Setting me free
While showing me
How to love
And be loved
How to take
And how to give
How to treasure
Those stolen moments we had
And how to relish in them
While you can
Before the time ends
And the lights dim
So memories we made
And friends we became
Knowing in the end
The lights would fade