PulsePulse, PulsePulse
Earth is in your eyes
and skeletons are dancing around your bed
the oceans leaking from your irises
while the the electricity is taking over

PulsePulse, PulsePulse
I can feel you breathing the starlight
already feeling redemption and serenity wash over you
You can sense the photosynthetic death coming
As in this is the last sunrise you will meet

PulsePulse, PulsePulse
Slower and quieter your voice sounds
Your hand illustrating your last phrases
With your cursive loops are swoops, still so perfect

Pulse, Pulse
Peaches turning to ivory stone
as the color leaves your face
You can already taste the freedom, can't you?

You sing me my favorite lullabies
But it is just a memory
and I smell your smell
of baby powder and orange chamomile
and I can taste the salt running on my face

And now you're gone.