Keep in mind that I wrote this to Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers. You may wish to listen to that while you read for the full effect. Also, the description of the fountain isn't long enough, but it's supposed to go along with the harp solo.

Waltzing in the Flowers

By Microsuede Mouse

They were preparing a party. The large and beautiful fountain in their backyard sounded like an angelic harp as the water poured out through the top and down into a basin, and over the edges of the basin into the pools beneath. The flower gardens around the patio were more beautiful than ever – the gardener had put extra time and care into them for the family's party.

She wore an exquisite pink dress with all the frills and lace and pearls. He wore a smart black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. Their daughter, of about fourteen, wore a lavender dress that looked wonderful on her slender form. Even the little light-brown puppy had been groomed for the occasion – much to his dismay.

He put the record on as their guests began to arrive, bearing gifts for the hosts. Each couple brought their children, most of whom were about the same age as the hosts' daughter. There was also one little boy and one little girl. When everyone had arrived, wearing their Sunday best, the adults began to dance. They swirled around the fountain in time to the music, the women's large skirts billowing and hats threatening to fall off. While the two young children ran around together and played with the puppy, the other children went down to sit by the lake.

The two benches on the lakeside faced each other. The five boys sat on one bench and the five girls on the other. They chatted idly and laughed together, watching the water or the dancers. All of the boys felt awkward. They didn't know how to ask the girls to dance.

Oblivious to the boys' floundering, the girls complimented each others' dresses. Each of the girls wore a different colour – lavender, emerald, orange, magenta, and light blue.

One of the boys, attired in black pants, white shirt, black vest and black tie, rose and stood before the girl in lavender. He held out his arm and asked her if she would dance with him, blushing. She arose, took his arm, and followed him to the dance floor. Pride was in his eyes as the boy's father watched his son.

Admiring the first boy's courage, the other boys asked the remaining girls to dance and they joined their parents twirling round on the patio to the music. The little boy and the little girl, caught up in the mood, grabbed each other's hands and spun around on the grass. They spun faster and faster until they tumbled giggling into the flowerbed, dirtying their clothes. The puppy ran circles around them, barking happily and wagging his tail.

As the music slowed to a halt and the dancers came to a stop, the girl in the lavender dress looked contemplatively at the boy in the vest. Then, apparently having made up her mind, she rose onto her toes and gave him a small kiss. The boy stiffened, his entire face turning the colour of the strawberries on the table. The girl's and the boy's fathers laughed aloud. The girl giggled and took the boy's hand. He was still blushing as she filled a bowl with strawberries and led him to sit on the lakeshore and share them with her.

Throughout the rest of the party, the pair of them spent a lot of time together. The other pairs of girls and boys also stayed slightly isolated from the group. Each pair also shared fruit and kisses, with their parents watching in amusement, pride, and happiness – but mostly amusement. The little boy and the little girl chased a pair of squirrels up a tree, played fetch with the puppy, and shared an apple.

At the end of the day, each of the girls and boys went home feeling somewhat pleased with themselves. The little boy and the little girl had their parents promise to get together again soon, so that they could play together again. The girl in the lavender dress gave the boy in the vest one more kiss before he left. Flustered and red, he followed his parents to the carriage.

Deciding that her parents' party had been a success, the girl took the record up to her room and listened to the song as she wrote in journal of the day's events.

This was trying out a new style of writing for me, so be gentle. Reviews are welcome, flames are not. Thank you for reading and have a nice morning/afternoon/evening/night/day.