TITLE: Beyond The Reflection

GENRE: Romance/Fantasy/Adventure


SUMMARY: A bad date leads to an even worse situation. Taline Esperanza suddenly finds herself in a land called Zerion. She falls straight into a prince's bedroom and it's 'occupied'. Complications arise and in order to stay alive, long enough to find a way home, she has to play along with a charade the said prince started (without her consent). But as time goes by, that thin border of what's real and what's pretence, starts getting blurry.

A/N : Just an experiment under progress. The story will not be written in 1.person POV, only this prologue.


When you look at the mirror, whatever the time or place, you won't notice.

Examine it, and it will only leave you as confused as before.

Break it, and some say you will be cursed with bad luck for seven years.

It's a simple thing that we use everyday, but not in the way it was first made for.

I looked inside the mirror. Beyond the reflection, however surreal it may seem. The forgotten secrets of this underestimated object enclosed around me, not releasing before I'd accepted the truth. The powers that it wanted recognized. Like most in my world, I was oblivious to it at first.

But then, Fate happened.

It grabbed me like a ragged doll and threw me into an unknown future.

I fell through it, to be exact, and landed into the providence written solely for me. At first, I'd thought it a simple accident. Over time, I see that it was Fate's game all along.

It's ironic that it should happen to nonbeliever in destiny like me.