Chapter V

I could hear Sam yelling for help as I was squirming and panting heavily. The pain was almost unbearable. I whimpered every now and then, and Sam would come over and pat my shoulder and whisper words of reassurance before going back to the door to yell again.

No one ever came. No one walked by our door. The only sounds were me panting and whimpering. Finally Sam gave up on yelling and just came by me saying, "Shhhh Alex. Shhhh. Every thing will be fine. Hushhhh Alex. Shhhh."

I looked into his beautiful eyes, and saw something he did not know was there: love. That one look in his eyes gave me so much strength. I watched his eyes. Only his eyes. Soon the pain began to cease and my breathing went back to normal. My eye-lids began to get heavy and soon, I was in complete blackness.

"You've done well, Alex. Much better than I expected," said that voice.

"And what did you expect," I shot back.

I could hear the smile in the voice as it said, "At least an hour or two of pain. But you did it in less than half an hour."

"And what, exactly, is 'it', I asked him.

Still smiling, it replied, "You evolved," and then I went back into darkness.

I began to wake up. I felt someone (or thing) holding my hand. I thought I could hear someone saying something, but I couldn't tell for sure. My face felt wet, along with my whole body, but I did not know why. I tried groaned and to say something, but all that came out was… well, nothing.

As I lay there, my senses became more and more aware. I felt small tubs and needles all over me. I heard a faint beeping of a monitor. I smelt the stench of sweat; the wetness that covered my body.

The reason that I could not speak was because there was an oxygen tube in my mouth. I lightly tried to pick my hand up, but they were tied to the arm rests. What do they think I am? I asked myself. An animal?

My eye-lids fluttered as I tried to open them. When they did, I gasped in horror, or tried to. The thing that I hate most, besides my-… my father's brother, was a doctor with a little needle in their hand, and this one was about to gab me with it.

I began to whimper and try to wiggle away, but that just made the other needles and such pull at my skin. Finally I just spat the oxygen tube out of my mouth and yelled, "Stop! Don't even think about it!"

The doctor jumped and stumbled back, the needle falling out of his hand and rolled away. I watched it roll away until I could not see it any longer, then turned back to the doctor, who gasped and slid away from me. I looked at him, confused. He backed up even farther.

"What?" I asked him, but instead of answering me, backed up again, whispering, "No… Demon eyes. You- you have demon eyes. God help me… Demon eyes…" He repeated it over and over again, his voice getting louder and louder as he spoke till he finally screamed, "Demon!"

With that he jumped up and ran out of the room, screaming, "Demon! She's a demon! Demon… She's a deemmmoooonnnn!"

I stared at the door after he left, until someone came in and stared at me, just as shocked as the doctor was by my- unknown to me- new appearance. The doctor I did not care for. The one standing at the door now staring at me, though, I did care for.

"Sam?" I asked quietly "What is it? What's wrong?"

But he did not speak to me. All he did was lift his hand up and point, unfortunately, at me. I looked franticly around for something to show my reflection. The closest thing I saw was the window that looked out to the city. It was dark outside, so I could see my reflection quite well. The girl that stared back at me, I did not like.

Her hair was midnight black, skin was pale and looked fragile; like wet paper fragile. And her eyes. Oh god, her damned eyes. What the doctor had said was true. They were demon eyes. Black everywhere. No white to be seen, at all.