Lost in Limbo

From the tip that enters

In between those parted lips

Closing, puckered, inhalation, it

Begins. Supposed stress is melting

Away, entering down that tunnel

Into the lungs

Hold, hold it in, just like the

Sadness, guilt and furious rage

Alone, for the one thou is alone with

Is not who thy wants to be

Desires blow out with the smoke

Thy held it in for so long

Silence suffocates with the smoke drifting,

Sifting through the solid, thick cold

Moving swiftly and without the slightest

Sound. Still.

The smoke becomes a backdrop, as screen

Playing out the thoughts, images, in thy

Mind, all the stifled memories

All thy memoirs – forget them not

The screen plays out the same regrets, remembering

All that thou lost

Sickly, sweet moments of bliss, tender shivers

Believing they would never die

Yet here thy are,

Silent, shattered, dying

All without warning, nor love

Space widens between the broken , and the rest of this

Living World