"Here we are, lil' lady."

"Thanks, Petes."

Esperin Grenald-Carey stepped out of the cab and waved goodbye to her friend, Petes. She remembered the first day she met Petes and she was balling her eyes out at that time. Now that she thought about it, she realized how lucky she was to even met him after that incident.

Esper stood in front of The Regalia Parfait just like she did two years back and like before, she wore a black silk dress with a plunging neckline completed with a necklace and a pair of earrings. She was quite proud of herself really, for looking so good even with that little bump. She gazed at the exterior of The Regalia Parfait and her heart leaped as she thought of what had happened here before.

Then, she walked into the steakhouse with her head held up high although her heart raced faster by the second. She looked around her and this time, unlike before; she didn't have to wait for two hours.

"Honey—", her husband came to her and kissed her cheeks, "—come on." He entwined their fingers together and smiled at her before escorting her to their table. He pulled out a chair for her and after she'd settled down, he whispered into her ear, "You look stunning tonight."

She blushed and smiled back at her husband, feeling like the luckiest girl on earth. She looked at the menu in front of her; the menu that she hadn't even touched the last time. The silverware were still laid out in front of them like how she remembered and she smiled a bit when she saw a familiar looking waiter walking towards them.

He smiled at her, "Miss, are you ready to order now?"

Esper looked at Seyfert who was smiling at her with his emerald green eyes. He mouthed to her, "I love you," and again, was successful in making her blush. She felt loved, she felt lucky and she felt cared for. No longer did people snigger at her and instead, they were all looking at her with longing gazes. She smiled at Seyfert and rubbed her belly; their child to be.

She had everything. Someone who cares about her, someone who loves her and someone who was entirely hers. She had a husband, she had loving parents, a loving brother and sister-in-law as well as a hyperactive baby in her stomach. Sure, she would sometimes fight with Seyfert and all those and they had to go through so much to be together but it didn't matter now. The game they'd started two years back had finally ended and now, Esper was delirious in starting up a new chapter of her life together with Seyfert. She was ready for anything that was going to come to them.

She turned her attention back to the smiling waiter in reality, "Yes—", she nodded in satisfaction with a small smile carved on her face for life, "—I'm ready."

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