Re: ---

You wrote all those things:

All those mean, hateful things

You would think I would learn

This love is evil, it eats away at us

So here is my reply:

It has all died,

All the happiness with you,

They're only but memories

Gone with the wind that was once

Only a giggle or laugh.

Your fingertips are no longer allowed

To hold my hand or tickle my ribs.

Get the picture, the reply

Is both for you and for me,

Happiness is evident

In the glow of our eyes,

The hugs they give

When again you lead me on.

Here is my message to you:

This not all my fault,

Too much has happened

Move on from me,

If it was meant to be,

We will find each other,

Once we have realized who we are.

To love each other for who we want to be.

Just learn, realize you have changed.

There is no longer a glow in your eyes.

Here is my reply:

I can no longer be your lover and

Be happy.