lavender pieces

my cello plays a song for you
one you'll never hear…

my windowsill held my hand
and i watched your coming fate.

your hands were cupped with
falling water to cleanse your (un)pure face.
i'm just whispering "i love you"
into the glass pane…

your knees fell to the ground
winds began to strengthen
leaves began to fall…
and darkness looms above you,
but at least some color is still alive.

- i can feel the changing atmosphere
tonight. -

your hands' water has been poisoned
acid rains upon you…
reality louder than the wind…

poison shimmers brightly
in this dark, cold evening…
attraction is like sugar;
your wishing, longing, yearning
(for just one sip; i mean, that won't hurt)

but it wasn't just one sip
it was two, three, four, and on…
it was everything that fell…

eventually every drop around you dried…
no longer on the ground,
but living inside of you.

good-bye, mother.

music plays on through the asphalt cracks
the ones beneath your head
my cello's lulling you to sleep tonight
as a thread of darkness wraps your heart…

the body gone; disintegrated
everything is gone…
in shock i'm still by the windowsill
playing, playing on…

the memories i've left of you,
are only seeds upon the floor…
pieces of the lavender,
beneath your feet with falling leaves
…only hours, moments before.