A/N: Just a short story that I wrote for school. I'm not very satisfied with the ending though, I basically just wrote it like that because I had to finish it. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it!! REVIEWW!!

The Grim Reaper

"Look through the glass and tell me what you see."

"E, F, G, N, V, D," recited Maddy perfectly.

"Well, I see nothing wrong Mrs. Brown. She has perfect eye vision." Said the eye doctor, Dr. Whitte.

Mrs. Brown looked steadily at her daughter. There had to be an explanation for what had happened, and Maddy's eyesight wasn't the answer.

"Ok, thank you doctor Whitte. Come on Maddy, let's go."


"Madison, have you been experimenting with drugs?" Asked Mrs. Brown, when they arrived at the car.

"No, mom. I haven't, ok? I know what I saw." Answered Maddy. She was furious at her mom. She wasn't imagining what she had seen. They had all been eating dinner. Maddy had been sitting straight across from her grandma. Then, she saw a man with a black cloak staring straight at her.

"Who's the man in black," she had asked, but as soon as she opened her mouth, he had disappeared.

While her mother and father had responded with "What are you talking bout's" and "there's no one there's", her grandmother had simply said "Oh," and stared back at her chicken soup, her eyes watering. A couple of minutes later, her she was dead. She had a heart attack. Her mom was now determined why Maddy had seen such a strange man that night.

Later that day, Maddy called her friend Sara to tell her what had happened at the eye doctor.

"Mads, you can't blame your mother though. It's pretty freaky that you saw someone that no one else could see." Said Sara.

"I know what I saw. Why can't she believe me? There was a man in black standing behind my grandmother the night that she died."

"Whatever you say, Maddy. Whatever you say."

"I know that you don't believe me Sara, I mean, I hardly even believe myself, but I know what I saw and it was almost like I could feel…"

Sara cut her off," Maddy, let's just change the subject. I don't want to talk about this anymore. Are you still coming over tomorrow to my house after the game?"

"Yeah," Maddy sighed, she knew she was defeated.


The following day at the soccer game Maddy saw the man in black once again. This time, he was behind a young boy with vivid red hair that was sitting in the stands.

"Just watch the game." Sara said when Maddy told her what she had seen.

As hard as Maddy tried to pull her thoughts to the game, she kept looking at the boy. Why was the man in black behind him?

After the game was finished, Maddy searched the crowd for the redheaded boy. She finally caught a glimpse of him, and saw that he was headed towards the entrance of the school, with the man in black on his trail. Weaving her way through the big crowd of spectators, Maddy continued to follow the boy to the entrance of the school. She saw that the boy was talking on the phone while crossing the street, and he saw a big, yellow truck start speeding his way. Maddy knew what was going to happen before it did.

"Look out!" she scram, but it was too late. The once fully yellow truck was now smothered in blood redder than the boy's hair.


"It wasn't a coincidence!" Maddy yelled her patience sparing. Sara had been trying to find an explanation for what happened, the latest one being, "it was probably just a coincidence." It hadn't been a coincidence that both times she had seen the man in black someone had died.

"Fine, Maddy. What do you want me to do?"

"A bit of support would be nice here." Muttered Madison.

"Maddy, what do you want me to say? I totally believe that you were seeing someone that no one else could. Hmmm…. maybe you were seeing the grim reaper." Mocked Sara.

Maddy knew that Sara was joking, but to her it was the answer that made the most sense. The grim reaper supposedly comes to get the dead, right? But why was she seeing it?

"Oh, come on Maddy. You can't honestly think your seeing the grim reaper? Sara asked upon seeing Maddy's face. "Maddy let's just go to sleep. You're tired and I'm tired it's been a long day.

Even after the lights were off and Sara was snoring, Maddy couldn't fall asleep. Every minute felt like years to her and her eyes were, fluttering, begging her to shut them and fade away into her dreams. She felt as if something was going to happen to her if she fell asleep though, so she wouldn't. She just lay there, staring at the ceiling, trying to sort out some of her thoughts…


The next morning, Maddy was incredibly tired seeing as she hadn't slept a wink the previous night. On her way home, she had to stop at her father's bookshop. On her way there, Maddy felt a sudden chill go down her spine. She looked around desperately for the man in black. She couldn't see him behind anyone, but something deep in her gut told her that he was there. Maddy rummaged through her purse and found her cell phone. She dialed Sara's number.

"Hello," answered Sara.

"Sara…I…." Maddy tried to say something to Sara. Even though her mouth was open, nothing could come out. She could feel tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Maddy is that you?"

Maddy cleared her throat and found her voice.

"Yeah, sorry I just wanted to call you to tell you that-

She turned to face the display window of the bookshop, and gasped when she saw her reflection.

-The man in black is standing right behind me."

As soon as those words left her mouth, she knew it was true. The tears that had been gathering up in her eyes started to fall. She started to walk backwards, as if trying to escape her reflection.

Then, in one moment, it seemed as if the entire world had gone in to slow motion. Through her tears she couldn't see much, only a blur of red coming towards her. She could hear Sara's cries through the phone that were starting to fade away as the phone slipped through her numb fingers. She could hear a horn tooting that was coming closer and closer until it couldn't get any closer…

Maddy felt a sudden surge of pain, more than she could ever imagine. Then, suddenly the pain was gone, and Madison saw everything go dark and then she could feel nothing.

A crowd of people crowded around the fragile girl, looking down at her. Maddy's bright blue eyes stared back at them without seeing. Madison Brown lay there, helpless and lifeless. She was dead.