Codin froze as she heard the voices, the faint creak of footsteps as someone stepped across the floorboards. Her green eyes darted across down the length of the hall as she pressed herself against the wall, the small object held tightly in her hand.

If she were caught… no, that wasn't an option. She couldn't afford for that to happen. The voices grew louder by the minute… it was the headmistress. What was she doing stalking around the school at this hour?

Codin looked up at the open window she had crawled through to get back into the boarding school. Maybe… just maybe, she could climb back out. She bit her lip tentatively before sliding the object back into the small bag slung around her waist.

Adrenaline began pumping through her veins as she slipped onto the ledge, swinging her legs smoothly into the cool night.

"Miss Weira," the cold voice greeted her from behind.

Codin slumped back on the wall in defeat. "Okay, you got me." Her heart raced… she couldn't let them know what she had… they could never know.

"You've got a lot of explaining to do, young lady," stated the man she had been walking with.

She forced a laugh as she swung back around. "You and I all know, Headmistress… and…?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Mr. White."

"You and I all know, Headmistress and Mr. White, that I am a far cry from a young lady."

Mr. White, whom she had seen occasionally around the school, nodded his cold agreement.

"I finally got you," she hissed.

"Well you definitely took your time about it," she shot back. She had to fight for time… it's not like she had never been caught before…. Just never for something this serious. She could never let them know what she had… they didn't know what was hidden in the tiny black bag. For all they knew, she had merely been creeping out of the school.

The headmistress's eyes narrowed. "Follow me please, Miss Weira."

Codin nodded distractedly… she needed somewhere to hide it… her fingers tightened around the small object in the bag. Her mind still reeling, she dropped as far behind the two staff members as she could without raising suspicion.

Her green eyes darted around her, searching for some small crevice, where it could be hidden until she could return and get it.


Her eyes flickered in relief. Her feet carried her slowly towards the stairs, those in front of her, having already begun their ascent. Her slender fingers ran along the banister as she searched. A small abnormality in the wood hit her fingers and she knew she was there. At the next turn, she seized the knob of wood that acted as decoration and tugged swiftly at it, drawing her prize out of the bag.

Just as the wood pulled away form the rest of the stairs, she slid it in, watching its black surface glow, mirroring the silver moon. How could she have forgotten all about that place? She had discovered it when she was thirteen, four years ago, when she had first arrived.

But it had always been too small to hide anything in. The small abnormally in the wood before it, had been of her own creation, having gouged out the small chunk, in order to be able to locate it… but as the years had worn in, she had forgotten all about it.

Her trademark smirk flickered across her angular face, glancing across her pale mouth. The two staff had reached the top of the stairs, she hurried to catch up… she couldn't afford any more suspicion than what was already all around her.

There was a small creak to her left. She turned, to see a door sliding open. A pair of eyes looked out at her. Her smirk reappeared as she looked at the young boy as he watched the procession tentatively. More doors began to open and the eyes of first years appeared, watching the small procession.

Codin greeted them each in turn with a smirk, wink or wave. They all grinned gleefully. They had just been recognized by the infamous Codin, rebel of the school. She was the girl no one messed with and everyone wanted.

"Miss Weira!" the shrill voice echoed down to her. She rolled her eyes, shooting the first year's one last, brilliant smile, before quickening her pace to catch up.


Codin lounged back in the deep chair on the opposing side of the headmistress's desk, her feet propped pointedly on it. They were ignored.

"Miss Weira, do you care to tell me what you were doing out so late?"

She breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't know. "Well, not particularly Miss."

"It wasn't a question," she hissed.

"Oh!" Codin replied mockingly. "But you asked!"

"Miss Weira, it is not very wise of you to be answering back at a time like this."

"Miss, there is no way that you can prove I was out of the school after hours. I merely could not sleep and was wandering aimlessly around the school, after having a nightmare."

Mister White's face was reddening. "Then what the hell were you doing climbing out the window?"

She didn't even miss a beat. "I wasn't, sir. The school is stuffy at night. I wasn't climbing out I wasn't going to move. You caught me at a really bad time…"


Codin smirked as she stepped into the dormitory, her eyes flickering over its three other occupants. They were all awake, sitting up the moment White slammed the door behind her.

"A grand entrance," stated Kate sourly.

"Kate," drawled Codin. "Let's see you try to do better."

The girl lapsed into silence.

"Codin... what happened?" Mia asked.

Codin looked at the girl. "I got caught," she stated simply. "I got caught leaving the school."

Mia's eyes widened. "They expelled you, didn't they?"

Codin smirked, her eyes glittering. "'course not. I got a week's detention. They couldn't prove I was doing anything." She laughed. "Anyway, what time is it?"

"Two," answered Bailey from her bed across the room.

"Thanks. I'm gonna catch some sleep. Do you guys reckon you could wake me at six? Something tells me I'm gonna over sleep."

"I will!" piped up Mia as Codin fell back on her bed, fully clothed.




He turned at his name.

Jace was sprinting towards him. "Did you hear what Codin did?"

His stomach tightened at her name. "No."

"She was caught leaving the school….for the first time, she was actually caught!"

"Well it was always coming," stated Dane, appearing around the corner, his shock of near white hair and height drawing him apart from everyone else. "She pulls enough shit to get caught in the end. So she's expelled?"

Jace shook his head. "Detention for a week."

The two looked at him in shock.

"Are you serious? That's all she got!"

"I bet you use that kick ass body of hers," said Dane. "We all know what Mr. White's like."

Jace shook his head. "No, she talked her way out of it. Everyone knows how good that girl is with her tongue."

"And I bet Mr. . White'd love to know," added Dane, raising his eyebrows.

"Dane, that's just gross," Devan snapped.

"Well we all know who you want," pointed out Dane. "We all know you want Codin. Rockin' body… blonde, green eyes…." He trailed of, knowing he was right.

"But doesn't everyone?" asked Jace. "This is Codin. It would seem that every guy in the school, Dane, apart form you, wants her."

"Do you?"

"Of course."


Codin made her way smoothly up the stairs, her fingers trailing along the wood, searching for the mark.

There, her finger dipped briefly into the small ditch before picking up again as she reached the turn.

Her fingers were suddenly trembling.

She had to get it… he was coming for her… he was going to hurt her like he had then. Her fingers wandered absently to her collar bone, tracing the scar that dipped below her shirt. There were so many scars from him… the ones that criss-crossed her wrists, neck, stomach and back.

And they were only the ones you could see.

And he was coming back. She new he was, she could feel it. He would be here within the month. And he would hurt her again. Her hand dropped to her taut stomach.

He would use her again, like he had last time. Violate her in every way possible. She fought back a tear that had begun to form in her eye and wrenched open the wood.

She slipped her hand into the opening, her fingers tightening around it.

With a deep breath, she drew out the obsidian dagger.