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Regan looked up at the tall stone building. So this was where she was? He flicked dark hair out of his eyes before resuming his walking. He needed to find a place to take her. Somewhere close though, but where they wouldn't be seen or heard.

It was a Friday… so that probably meant that a lot of the outer buildings wouldn't be used over the next two days. He could make perfect use of them. A smirk twisted his striking features as he continued his surveying of the building.

Where in there would she be? The sun was just beginning to peak over the distant horizon. She was probably fast asleep.

No, this was Codin. She wouldn't have slept at all the past two nights. He sure had managed to strike fear into her heart.

"Just as planned," he whispered in his deep voice.

Most of the smaller buildings were connected to the main school. They would never do, they were too close. Maybe… His feet carried him swiftly to the trimmed green lawn of the oval. Possibly?

Small, transportable buildings were scattered around the edge. For storage, he assumed as he made his way towards the closest one.

It looked pretty old, he decided as he reached it. But did it matter? Regan ran his fingers over the wood as he searched for the door. No, he stopped. This wouldn't do. He wanted a pleasing accommodation for the girl. He sneered. He wanted to show her how much he wanted this.

A rickety building outside a school would never do. But maybe just one fuck within its walks wouldn't be too bad if he couldn't wait, before he could get her away. But no… she couldn't possibly have that much effect on him, right?

There was no way that he would want her so much that he had to slam her right there and then… right?

Regan shrugged. He'd check in at a hotel. Simple as that. He easily had the money. Fuck, he had more money than he could possibly spend.


Her mask was well and truly, back up, noted Dane as he watched Codin taunt the teacher from the back of the class. There was no doubt about it. She was the infamous rebel once more, the terrified girl he had seen last night seemed to have vanished completely, buried beneath the layers of false identity.

"Sir, you can only give me so many detentions," he heard her laugh.

Fuck that girl could be a bitch. He couldn't understand why her mask was adored by so many people. They didn't even see the real her. All they caught was the sharp-tongued rebel who could talk her way out of any situation.

Something told him, that he was the only one that had ever seen the real girl, even though he had only caught a tiny glimpse, he felt he knew her better than anyone else. And he'd be right in that assumption.


Codin glanced fearfully around the cafeteria as she strode confidently in. She didn't come in here often but the senior was bound to be here, she needed him to act. She wasn't about to eat anything, all she had to do was look inconspicuous and she'd be fine.

"Look! It's Codin!"

Her shoulders slumped as the whispered words spread through the cafeteria. Great. So much for that idea. How did everyone know her name? All she did was talk back to teachers, fail to turn up to most classes ignore every rule in the book… okay, that was why.

She smirked casually from where she stood against the wall.

"I fucked Codin!"

Silence fell as she looked up to see the senior from the previous night, standing on one of the tables, looking triumphantly at her. No one would ever know. All she had to do was talk her way out of this and no one would believe his story about Dane. Simple.

"Dream about me again, did you?" she asked casually.

"Not this time!"

"Oh, so you're saying that you do dream about me, am I right?"

She watched as blood rushed to his face.

"You need to keep your pants zipped," she stated mater-of-factly.

"You and I both know how hard I slammed you last night."

"No we don't," her tone was flat, her eyes glittering as she watched him struggle to get the others to believe him.

"Stop trying to deny it, bitch, I know you liked it. You moaned so loud, I'm surprised you didn't wake the whole school."

"Now, tell me, why would I fuck you? Of all people?"

"To hide the fact that you fucked him!" his finger shot out to point at Dane, who looked at her in shock. She cast him a blank look before returning her attention to the senior.

"This just keeps getting all the more pathetic as we go through. Please come up with something interesting because I'm about to leave. Everyone here knows that Dane hates me that seems to be common knowledge around this place. Why the hell would I sleep with him?"

The senior seemed to be at a loss. Opening and closing his mouth repeatedly.

"Thank you," she stated, to the cafeteria at large. "You just made my day," with that, she turned in a flick of blonde hair, leaving the room.


"What the hell was that about?" asked Devan, rounding on Jace.

"Fucked if I know," he drawled.

"Come on," demanded Jace, let's go find out.

The three hurried from the room walking through the twisting halls, searching for the blonde girl.


How had he gotten her phone number? No one even knew that her phone existed. How had he managed to find it?

She stared blankly at the message symbol, flashing persistently, her fingers trembling violently before fumbling with the keys to find the 'okay' button.

The message flickered onto the screen.

I want that body of urs across my knees
I wanna spank that ass of urs til it's red
then I'm gonna tie u up nice n tight… but
wait. don't want to ruin the surprise now,
do i?
ur just gonna have 2 wait 'til I get there.

She had to get the knife before then. She couldn't afford to be trapped with him without it. Codin sprinted through the halls, her feet carrying her smoothly across the worn stone before she reached the door to her dorm.

Fumbling with the handle, she managed to push it open. Where on her body could she hide a knife? Grabbing her bag, she searched through it, finally pulling out the stone dagger. Its shimmering black surface reflected the sun's rays.

Her mind racing, she shoved the blade down the side of her shoe, careful not to let it cut her skin, before folding the material of her cargoes over the blade and hilt that protruded. She didn't assume he'd find it quickly. He'd want to see other things first… right?


Regan's deep blue eyes surveyed the entrance hall. The sun was just sinking below the horizon. He'd had the room prepared for her. It would do perfectly.

She was somewhere within these walls. He would find her. He knew what she was like; he knew what she would do. He would find her.

He stepped cautiously through the door, his feet barely making a noise on the worn stone floor. The hall was deserted but distant voices could be heard from the floors above. She would be there somewhere.


Codin froze as she heard footsteps behind her. She knew he'd be there, yet terror still raced through her veins like wildfire. No, she didn't want him to be there. She wanted him to never have existed to start with.

He was right behind her now; she could feel him, his warm breath across the back of her neck.


Her entire frame began to tremble as fingers crept around her waist, followed by powerful arms.

"Tell me you missed me," he purred, his voice as terrifying as ever as he pulled her against him.

"You know I could never lie like that," she shot back, fighting to keep from crying for help, she knew there was no way anyone would get to her in time.

"You didn't have these last time I saw you," he whispered, his fingers traveling slowly up to her chest.

"Never could control yourself could you?" she asked. She wanted to fight him, how she wanted to lash out at him. But what god would that do her? She had to wait… wait until you could use the knife.

"I'm a man, I don't have to," harsh fingers gripped her.

"You think this is going to be simple for you, don't you?" she taunted.

"Who's going to help you? An angel?"

She fell silent.

"I've told you once before. There are no angels, in Hell, my sweet, sweet step-sister."