A/N: Please be warned, I am not a poet. I usually write fiction, but sometimes I mix things up and attempt poetry. So if you're brave enough to read, please do. Reviews, of course, are thoroughly loved too.

It is beautiful, and it is everything

I stand on the shore, overlooking the green waters shadowed by a perfect gray sky

It is the sea, seamlessly flowing into the Irish coast

Cold wind blows, but I ignore it

I am too wrapped up in this moment of breathtaking beauty

I am speechless

I am humbled

I am part of the world, I am an element

I am strong, but I am weak

Only the sea is strong, stretching far past the reaches of the shore on which I stand

Pictures cannot capture this unmistakable beauty

Only my eyes can preserve the memory

I memorize the landscape flowing into the endless waters

I memorize the fluttering freedom in my heart

I memorize the understanding I finally feel

And I know that here, in this infinite moment, I am at peace

I am a humbled being, quietly reflecting on the world, and this beautiful piece of it

I want to stay here forever, but time is short

My few minutes here in this heaven on earth pass quickly, and soon I am back in reality

But I will remember those few perfect moments forever

I will remember the chilly Irish coast forever

Even if I can no longer recall the image memorized by my eyes, my heart will always remember the feeling

I will never forget

I will forever remember the moment; I will live in it again and again

Because the moment is perfect; the closest to heaven we can get without leaving earth

It is immortal in memory