I want to trade in your fancy car made in europe

that makes me right when wind plays with my hair

I want to show my skeleton on red carpet

that means true beauty

I want vacations in an exotic island

and spend money like I was rich

(shop till drop)

I want that trademark bag

to put in my fashion lipstick

I want to get the dirty party

and be called stupid baby

I want my wax figure in museum

that's not difference (we're fake)

and I want to read about royals people

'cause to be snob is cool

(sugar in your tea?)

I want your life

but not your life really

I want to make charity to appear

in some yellow journalism

I want silicone for my buck

'cause bubbies aren's so showy

I want an affair with a married man

as his wife is giving birth

I want to dress leather jacket

and to be booed by animal rights

I want my problems become a reality

(don't turn off your tv)

you looked so good when you threaten

(are you an aw dream?)

your fans on video camera

(or a nightmare coming true?)

I can watch your imperfect nose on my screen

I can't stop wondering

you got a liposuction?

LiFe&lIfE, LiFe&lIfE