Hey, everyone. This is a little story that's been in my notebook for about 2 years. I'm finally giving it life, maybe some sort of a Christmas gift to it. I hope it doesn't turn out too cliché!

(Who gives Christmas gifts to notebooks? I'm insane)

On a side note, this story will only have 5 chapters.

PS, happy holidays!

Love, Love.

Chapter 1: You cried

My name is Perry Wells. I'm a senior at Clover High School, and I hope to one day become a teacher myself. I'm what you would call one of the popular kids, but I don't do sports; I just made friends with the right crowd. The love of my life is my best friend, a cheerleader by the name of Quinton.

Perry Wells could often be found leaning against the wall of the east hallway; waiting for Quinton to change from his cheerleading uniform. Today, Perry had invited Quinton over to check out a new video game he'd bought recently. While he had bought a new video game, the real reason for the invite was something much deeper.

As the brunette stepped out from the boy's locker room he looked around, a smile gracing his handsome features when he lay eyes on his best friend of five years. "Hey." The boy had a charming voice to match the smile, "Can I borrow your English notes? I think I fell asleep through half the class."

"Yeah, sure" Perry said, pushing off of the wall with his left foot so he stood upright at his embarrassing height of 5'5. "If you can read them, that is." He was endearing, with bright red hair, freckles, and friendly brown eyes. Not the most attractive boy in most standards, but he was cute in a unique way.

As the pair walked down the hallway towards the entrance of the school, their conversation focused mostly on the football game just half an hour earlier. They had won, of course, but there had been plenty of stupid mistakes that got a few chuckles out of the boys with the memory.

As they stepped out into the semi-chilly fall air both boys grinned at each other and started down the stairs. The buses were lined up, smoking, while kids were just starting to load into them. Perry and Quinton had long since passed the days of suffering in a school bus; they opted to drive to and from school in Quinton's bright red car. It'd been a Christmas gift just a few months after he'd come of driving age.

As they piled their bags into the trunk of the car, their conversation finally switched to something else. "Hey, Perry." Quinton said, as both boys pulled open their respective doors and sat in the car. Perry's head tilted up after buckling his seat belt, a questioning expression on his face. "Did you hear about those girls at Jake's party?"

Perry shook his head, entertaining his friend's conversation further. "No, who?" Perry would soon regret that question, as it had taken the whole ten minutes of driving for Quinton to get to the point that the girls had basically been making out on a couch. They were probably drunk, and just wanted the attention.

"Were they drunk?" Perry asked, vocalizing his thoughts, getting an odd look in response before his friend sighed and opened the driver's side door. "No, I don't think they were. They didn't look too drunk, at least." Perry chuckled softly at how Quinton had corrected himself. "Oh, okay. Too bad I missed that, then." His sarcasm practically dripped off of every word, the other boy however seemed not to notice. Sometimes Quinton was dense.

Perry led the taller male to the dark wooden door and pulled out his bright yellow key, unlocking the door for both of them. After he stepped inside he toed off his shoes and padded across the plastic-covered path towards the kitchen. His mother was a big-time stickler for her carpet and stains.

Quinton followed suit, leaving his shoes by Perry's before he'd turn and shut the large wooden door, locking it as well. A loud-sounding thud indicated that Perry had dropped his heavily loaded backpack in the kitchen. They had been given way too much homework this weekend, and both of them were more than excited to forget about it and play video games.

Before that, they had to get some fuel for their stomachs.

While Perry made sandwiches, Quinton set his bag on the floor before starting to dig though Perry's own. He was looking for the English notebook, a green one if he remembered right. "You sure you brought your notes?" Quinton asked, only getting a quick nod in response. By now, Perry was already putting ham on their sandwiches. Almost giving up, he unzipped the front pocket, low and beholds a green notebook. Rolling his eyes, Quinton pulled the notebook out and transferred it to his own messy backpack. "I'll give it back to you Monday, okay?"

"Yeah, sure, just don't forget it again." Perry warned, setting one of the paper plates in front of his friend on the table, while he sat on the empty chair and put his own plate in front of himself. His mother would kill him if he ever took food out of the kitchen, and he had a feeling she'd find out even if she wasn't home. Honestly, that woman was scary.

While they munched on their food, the door opened with a quiet click, keys making a jingling noise as they were set into a glass bowl. Speak of the devil herself. "Hey, Mom."

"Hello, dear… Did you have a good day at school?" She had asked the same question every day every since he entered high school. She'd tell him to make sure he got his work done, and then check on it every three hours for the rest of the day. It got old, and very, very annoying. Father had told him that she couldn't help it; it was some sort of OCD she had.

"Yep, I brought Quin here to show him my new game."

"Hello, Mrs. Wells" Quinton chirped up on cue, standing to throw away his plate.

"Hello, Quinton, are you staying for dinner?"

He answered with a yes, just as Perry stood and threw his plate away. Perry waved Quinton along towards his room, saying to his Mom that Quinton probably would be around for dinner, so she should make more food.

Or at least, that's what he was hoping for.

Perry's room was exactly as the rest of the house minus the plastic covered walk ways. His carpet was the same off-white, his walls a light brown color. His bed's comforter was dark green, the only thing that really stood out in his room besides the television and gaming console.

Taking their respective controllers the teens sat on the soft carpet and waited for the game to boot up. It was a simple fighting game with amazing features and special moves. It provided hours of entertainment to Quinton, and hours of procrastination to Perry.

They had decided this would be the last game, and Perry was noticeably losing to Quinton's uncanny timing of button mashing. Just as expected, the announcer boomed over Quinton's triumphant cheer "K.O.!" Perry set the controller down in defeat, leaning back against the carpet with a groan. How could his friend beat him when he'd practiced last night especially to win? He cast his light brown eyes to look towards his friend's ever-present smile; butterflies forming in his stomach. How was he supposed to tell this man beside him that he was madly in love with him?


Quinton was rather close now, leaning down so that he was lying beside his friend, bright green eyes peering to meet the lost brown ones. "What's up, man?" Funny, Quinton sounded and even looked concerned.

Snapped out of his daze, the red-head gave a false smile and shook his head. "No, nothing, I was just thinking."

"Oh, hey. Do you think it'd be cool if I crashed here tonight?" Quinton asked, changing the subject as if reading Perry's clouded mind. Simply nodding yes as his answer, the smaller male sat up and rubbed over his temples. His mom was calling for them to come eat; but neither of them were especially hungry.

Despite their unwillingness to eat, both of them stood and answered her yelling by trudging out into the hallway and back to the kitchen. They ate a good helping of his mom's home-made soup, before they returned to Perry's room for a second round of video games.

As the night started to dwindle down, Perry noted the clock's time. It was ten thirty at night, and he had yet to confess his love for the other male. Deciding it was a lost cause tonight, he gave his friend one last smile before he pulled off an extra pillow and tossed it at the taller boy.

"Here, you can have this one."

"Thanks." Quinton said after easily catching the pillow. He pulled one of the blankets from his friend's bed before he made himself comfortable on the floor.

Perry shut off the light, and then stumbled across his friend and into his bed, curling under the covers as he tried his best to will his thoughts away and go to sleep.

After two hours, Perry realized just how impossible it was for him to fall asleep. Quinton on the other hand was sound asleep; his gentle snores breaking the silence of night. With a quiet groan, he brought his hand to his head, and then stretched his body. Leaning over the side of his bed, his eyes focused on the dark-haired boy before he quietly sat up and sunk off of his bed beside the other.

Quinton's bright green eyes were closed still, lips parted as he snored; body twitching from a dream he was no doubt having. He was cute, the moonlight from the window only accenting his already handsome features.

Perry took in a deep breath and leaned forward, lips pressing to his sleeping friend's own lips. He closed his eyes tightly, imagining what it'd be like if this happened more often. Silence took over the room, his hands not daring to touch the taller boy's form.

Lips were quickly removed from the Quinton's as strong hands forced him away and right back into his bed. He hit his head against his mattress, eyes struggling to focus on his startled friend. He should've noticed when the snoring had stopped that Quinton was awake. "What the hell, man!?"

The voice was loud, uncaring that there were other people trying to sleep in the household. "I..." Perry's voice betrayed him, sounding more startled than he'd wanted to. He took a second to recompose himself, reciting the words he wanted to say in his head, before they reached his lips. "I like you, Quin, more than I should."

Quinton's disgust wasn't hidden well as he moved farther away from the other male. He pulled the covers over his head and faced the opposite wall, not saying a single word. He was shocked.

Crushed, and slightly confused, Perry resigned back into his bed and closed his eyes until sleep finally took him over. Maybe Quinton was just confused, they'd probably talk it over in the morning.

When Perry woke up early the next morning, the only thing in the mess of Quinton's blankets was a bright green notebook entitled "English".


I hope you enjoyed chapter one, let me know what you thought! Thank you!