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Jone (Jonay): male, 16, brown cat ears and cat tail, thick dark brown hair a little above shoulders, skinny, kind of tall but shorter than most 16 year olds, kind, girly, gay, gentle, shy, hyper.

Kent: male, 19, silver straight hair to shoulders, tall and a little bit muscular, quiet, perverted, loving, bisexual.

Ibiki (Eebeekee): male, 17, reddish brown hair to shoulder blades, tall and a little bit muscular, funny, perverted, bisexual, random, immature.

Shinue (Sheenooay): male, 17, Ibiki's twin brother, calm, emo-like, quiet, mature, straight.

Among other characters, but these are the main ones. I only did the main ones because I don't feel like describing them. Heh heh, I'm so lazy.

Rating: NC-17


Neko's Romance

The boy's brown ears slumped against his head as he limped in the rain. His tail was between his legs, every part of him felt cold and almost numb. The rain was coming down fast and mixed with hail. The young neko looked up when his foot hit a building. It was a normal sushi restaurant. Better than nothing.

He lifted his hand and opened the door slowly incase anyone wasn't letting people in. Fortunately he was in the back storage room. It was dark and warm. The neko stepped inside and shook what water droplets he could from his fur. Soon he found a little carpeted place for him to sleep off the cold and unforgiving night.

-night fade to day-

Kent burst through the doors to "Sushi Heaven" with a tired face. "Why did you make me come here at six in the morning?" He threw his work hat at Ibiki.

The teenager laughed. "Come on Kent-san, don't you like working here?" Kent just gave him a glare stating "Not when you're the boss". He walked off. "Hey, I need you to get some fresh salmon from a box!"

"Whatever," Kent waved his hand behind him and opened the door to the storage room. He yawned and switched the lights on, rubbing his eyes. Next annoying stop: salmon box. The silver haired teen lifted one foot after the other and then stopped after five steps. On the floor lying on their old welcome mat was a little neko boy all curled up and fast asleep.

"Well what do we have here…?" Kent starred down at him. He smiled at the sight and bent down to rub his ears. The neko purred slightly when he stroked his cat features. The boy's blue eyes slowly opened tiredly and looked up at Kent. "Now what are you doing sleeping in here?"

The neko sat up quickly and backed away from Kent, his ears twitching. "Wh…where am I?" his voice was soft and quiet.

"In the storage room of 'Sushi Heaven'," answered the silver teen with a smile. "What's your name kid?"

"Jone, and I'm not a kid, I'm sixteen," Jone's tail curled around his waist protectively.

Kent laughed. "Well I'm seventeen." He stood up. "Hey Ibiki! We got a stow away!"

Said teen slammed in the door, almost falling. "I swear she doesn't speak our language!"

The silver boy blinked. "Da hell you talking about?" He pointed to Jone. Ibiki's face grew red. "Never mind, I don't want to know." Kent turned back around and leaned down. "Where do you live Jone?"

The neko hesitated. "…No where…Parent's way of throwing me out was dying…" He knew very well what Kent's next question would be.

"That's a real shame…," said the long haired teen. "Why don't you work here? You can get some cash to buy a place!"

"You sure?" Jone's ears perked up.

"Well yeah!" Ibiki walked over to him and placed his hand on the neko's shoulder. "Besides you're freakin' adorable!" Jone blushed. "Ahh so he is gay! …Right?"

"Do you have a problem with that?" the boy asked nervously. Ibiki shook his head with a smile and rubbed Jone's ears. He felt very happy.

-morning fade to afternoon-

Jone glided out into main room wearing tight pink shorts and a tight pink apron. A light red hat sat neatly in between his cat ears and his shoes were white slip-ons. He had a red collar around his neck with a medium sized bell hanging from it.

"Sexy!" exclaimed Ibiki. The neko blushed. "That's a girl's work outfit, but you really take the cake in fitting into it!"

Shinue sat in a chair at the bar area and shook his head. "You don't want to give the boy a sense that he can't walk around without being gawked at." His brother just shooed him off and looked back at Jone, smiling broadly.

"No need to thank me for the collar," said Kent. "Fits him pretty well huh?" The long haired teen nodded.

The door swung open and the first costumer of the day came in. It was a woman with long pink hair and rose red sunglasses. She wore a yellow jacket and a smirk. "You guys still have good sushi or should I build my fort and take aim?" She took a seat next to Shinue, patting his head.

"Does your girlfriend have to be an ass Shinue-san?" Kent glared at the woman.

"Nice to see you too Kent-kun," the woman returned the glare.

"Don't listen to him Mimi-chan," Shinue pulled Mimi into a hug. "Why don't you let Jone-san do some actual work other than being eye candy for you perverts?"

"Jone-san? Is that who this adorable neko is?" Mimi seductively smiled at the neko. Jone smiled and thanked her.

Kent took Jone's arm and pulled him into the back shouting a "yeah yeah" at the pink girl. Once they were both back there he looked at Jone. "First day should be a little easy and stress less. All you have to do is be a waiter. Take people's orders, be nice, and look sexy. Think you can handle that?"

"I'm you're guy!" Jone's face held pride.

"Good because I think I hear someone," Kent pushed the boy back out into the room and handed him a red notepad and a blue pen with "Sushi Heaven" written on it.

Jone took it and strolled out to a family sitting at a table. The little girl tugged on her father's sleeve saying "Daddy it's a kitty!". Jone laughed and meowed for her and she giggled.

-afternoon fade to night-

The young neko looked side to side at his new room. Kent had allowed him to stay at his place in the guest room. He didn't live with his parents so it would be fine. The room was small but comfy and had a king sized bed with lime green sheets. The wall paper was brown with slightly transparent pictures of fish. Jone ran to the bed and leapt onto it, snuggling with the covers.

Kent opened the door and looked in. "Need anything Jone-chan?"

"Where's the bathroom?" asked the boy. "I want to take a shower." Kent grinned mischievously. He pointed down the hall and Jone sped in the direction.

The bathroom was all white tile and the shower was very big. The neko pulled the shower on and listened to it explode out. He undressed. The warm water felt extremely good on his skin. He lifted his head and closed his eyes.

Jone jumped at the feeling of arms wrapping around him. He turned to find Kent there embracing him, also naked. The silver teen was smirking into his neck. "Sorry Jone-chan, but you are just too cute." Jone blushed.

"W-why are you in here…?"

"To do this." Kent nipped at the pale flesh of Jone's neck and he yelped slightly. The silver teen began to suck at that spot.

"K…kent-kun…," breathed Jone. His blush grew. "W-we just met…d-d-don't do that…"

"You know it feels good," Kent licked the neko's ear. He moved his hand down and began to run his finger over Jone's right nipple. The boy moaned. Was he drunk? Jone thought for a minute. Ahh, yes, they had had something to drink. Jone thought it was water…it must have been sake. Not good. The neko drank some too. And now that he thought about it, he did feel pretty intoxicated. And Kent's actions were starting to feel better and better.

Jone turned around and kissed Kent on the lips. Yep; he was drunk too. The silver teen licked the neko's bottom lip and was quickly granted entrance. Jone was slightly startled at the speed of the other's tongue against his. Determined to rule their kiss, the boy fought back with his tongue, but Kent wasn't going to let him. He violently forced the younger teen's tongue back into his mouth and continued exploring. Jone was disappointed but while being drunk and getting offered something like this, you can't really complain.

Jone moved to Kent's ear and whispered, "Fuck me…"

"Jone-chan, are you sure?" Kent smirked.

Jone moved closer to the sliver teen's ear. "Kent-kun…fuck me." Kent smiled and moved to turn the shower off but was stopped by the neko. "No, in here. I don't want to wait." Kent complied and moved Jone to his back. He was pretty sure that Jone didn't want to wait long enough for his muscle to stretch, but he didn't care; he wanted to tease the boy. He slid one finger into Jone's entrance and the neko clenched. Another digit was added followed by a third. Kent swirled the fingers around and moved them slowly in and out. He then dragged them out and kissed Jone. He stuck his erection into the boy's asshole.

Jone yelped and reached for something. All his hands did were slide along the cold and wet shower floor. "Unn…" He closed his eyes and arched his back. Kent began to go faster and deeper. "Ahh!" The neko had never felt anything better. He swung his arms around Kent and held him.

The silver teen went all the way out and slammed back in receiving a loud scream from Jone. He quickly found the boy's sweet spot and continued hitting that area. They both panted and their sweat was washed out by the shower.

"Kent-kun, I-I'm gonna…," the neko managed.

"Together…," Kent moved his hips and went in as deep as he could go and they both came with the same rhythm. The silver teen collapsed onto the boy, trying not to crush him. They kissed passionately. Soon Jone passed out.

-night fade to morning-

Brown ears twitched and blue eyes slowly opened to see Kent on his side smiling at him and balancing his head on his hand. They were in the quest room bed. "Hey," he winked.

Jone blushed and turned away, half hiding his face with the blanket. "Wha…what happened last night? Ohh my head…"

"I'm pretty damn positive we were drunk," Kent said rolling over on his back. "I have a hangover too. But I liked it, what about you?"

"What I can remember…," the boy blushed even more and smiled. Kent pulled him close to him and kissed his forehead. "How did we get in here?"

"After you passed out I brought you in here and decided to sleep with you." Kent got up, Jone covering his eyes (a little bit) after realizing he was still naked. So was the neko. "We'd better hurry up, Ibiki wants us in by ten." Jone nodded and got up.

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