Salem Vermont

He is just a dream to me,
though his title is frighteningly interesting.
His interpretations of the simplest things
are almost as pure as what his smiles bring.

Salem, I can't describe your appearance,
your age makes you older than love.
Salem, I know you don't have an opinion,
and you're alive just because.

He doesn't care if I reveal his secrets,
though he never says them out loud.
He is never devoted completely,
he's still living but doesn't know how.

Salem, I don't want to catch your disease,
but please enter, enter into me.
Salem, you're a part of everything.
You bring out the very best in me.

He makes bets on how many daughters he has,
but those, souless, don't agree.
He shows off his indifference like an award,
he won't argue with anything.

Salem, I never told you why I fell
onto my knees that early afternoon.
Salem, I went crazy screaming to a ghost,
it's because I'm sick with love for you.

He's an acoustic beauty running through my veins,
He's when clenches my bones and my brain.
He's an opiate of what everything reigns.
He bought his soul while hitchhiking rides with steam trains.

Salem, there is no god up there,
and trust me, it's for the better.
Salem, you know I'm a hideous mess,
but, Salem, you're no better.