I'd Go Suicide For You Any Day

By Scott

Dedicated to my dear sister Sara...


Chapter One –

The lights grew dim, the music faded. Looking at each other, everything around them was distant and ignored. Gradually, they leaned closer together. Water tapped their ankles, time was running thin. The pair did not stop, moving back and forth they heard screams. Moving apart they could see havoc around them. People screaming, children crying. The atmosphere was distressed and, on first instinct, he grabbed her arm and held her close so that he could guide her safely through the corridors filled of distraught people. As they reached the deck he screamed at her, trying to match the sound of the roaring sea. The sea was slowly progressing up the ship, as if trying to reach them. There was a thump as she fell. He looked over at her; she was lying in a small pool of her own blood. He distraughtly lent over her, there was no way she could have lived such a bruising. Tears filled his eyes, where they then dropped onto her forehead, where her bruise had started to swell. As he brushed her forehead he leaned closer and hugged her; not caring how bloody he was after the interaction with her body. Kissing her, he slowly rose up, her limp body in his arms. There was no way that he could just leave her here.

She groaned as he started to move. More tears filled his eyes, this time of joy; she was alive. As he placed her on the floor, he ripped a bit of his shirt off and wrapped it around the wound. He didn't know much about medication but this was the best he could do right now – at least she might survive.


They reached the deck. A dingy was about to depart. He quickly got on, with her on his lap. As he finished putting his jacket around her to ward away the cold; he kissed her in hope it might give her the will to survive. The wind was harsh as she awoke in a small boat. She realised she was shivering, but she had a jacket on. Then she realised it was his; her lover's. It all struck her at once. She remembered the tragedy, the boat, the running, the screaming, the distraught atmosphere and her fall. Then total darkness.

Her head raised in the dark night sky. She realised she was unconscious on his lap this whole time. She looked behind her at the sinking ship, then at his face. It was the last time she would ever see his beautiful, masculine face. Slowly raising herself up, tears welled in her eyes. Other worried people looked at her, wondering what she was doing. Everyone witnessed as she jumped off the edge of the dingy, practically going suicidal. With the sudden rocking and yelling, her lover woke up and realised she was gone. The love of his life – gone.

He looked frantically at other passengers. They were shocked at something. Looking behind him he saw her. Instantly reacting, he jumped down after her. They both span threw the water, twirling as they went. Her ball gown tangled up on his shoe. They both new by now that this was it; the end of their lives. As they continued to twirl into the darkness they pulled in close together and kissed for the very last time. Their last seconds drew to their end. The two looked at each other affectionately.

The lights in their eyes faded. It was over for the both of them. Gone forever. In the deep darkness of fading life, the only thing left in the world was their knowledge that their son had survived against the odds.