Never Again

by, Cassandra

I'm not crying these tears for you.
I'm not shedding this skin for you.
I'm not giving up for you.
I'm not anything to you.

I'm a shadow moving slowly across the wall.
I'm a nightmare that keeps you up all night long.
I'm a dream you've long forgotten you ever had.
I am a has-been.

And you are a never-again.

I'm not being who I've never been.
I'm not who you think I am.
I'm not doing this for you.
I'm not anything to you.

I'm a thought creeping along the edges of your mind.
I'm the scream that echoes though the darkened night.
I'm that sense of déjà vu, and that is all.
I am a used-to-be.

And you are a will-never-be.

(I've finally healed, and pulled the stitches out.
I don't need you bringing me down again.

You are a never-again.
Never again.